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Discover What’s New at Iron Accents

At Iron Accents, we are always adding tons of great new products to our already expansive inventory. We love being able to provide you (our amazing customers) with a one-stop shop for all your home decor needs. No matter your style, we have it all and we've recently added several new items for your shopping pleasure! One of our most popular new … [Read more...]

Box Signs Wine

Express Yourself with Iron Accents’ Box Signs

When we started offering our famous box signs among our inventory, we noticed something: people are obsessed with words. People use words to paint descriptions of their fondest memories, most trying moments and greatest achievements. Sometimes we use words to tell imagined stories, and sometimes we borrow the words of others to describe how we … [Read more...]


Light the Way with Our Vintage Marquee Lighted Signs

Several decades ago, an average American “summer vacation” meant piling the family into the Chevrolet, and heading out on a road trip to see the USA. As we drove through big cities and small towns, the motor lodges, diners, movie theaters, drive-ins and roadside attractions beckoned all of us – not with giant inflatable gorillas, but with lights. … [Read more...]

Get Inspired with Metal Wall Decor

Very often the space between our ears won’t recognize the creative possibilities available for the space on our walls. When it comes to home decor, we have a tendency to lean on the routine by adorning our spaces with large framed landscapes, heavy mirrors and traditional photo groupings. It’s hard to branch out unless you have great inspiration. … [Read more...]

Get Personal: Letters for Your Wall

OK, so you were just trying to personalize your space when you took crayon to wall as a kid, and what happened? Mom rewarded your creativity with a very long time out. You can come out of the corner now because your verbal flair can flourish with Iron Accents wall letters and letter hooks. Our alphabet soup of standing and hanging wall letters … [Read more...]

Personalized Monogram Wall Plaques

There are certain civilities among folks in the South – iced tea must be cotton candy sweet, “bless your heart” covers just about any problem and we monogram everything but our foreheads. No longer relegated to stationery and signet rings, the honor of family history can now be displayed prominently in your home. Iron Accents personalized wall … [Read more...]

We’re All About House Trimmings!

We are all about house trimmings – the great eye shadow and earrings we use to make a statement on our personal dwellings – and because we know you can’t live with cookie-cutter either, we’re taking the adornment outside! Sure, you’ve chosen fabulous paint colors, light fixtures, windows and shutters. You even put crown molding where no one else … [Read more...]

Easy Decorating with Wrought Iron Silhouettes

Remember the "Stick Family" bumper stickers? Champions of the ever-popular stick family bumper stickers can now do to their walls at home what they have been doing to their bumpers for years. And now Grandparents and everyone else can join the fun. We've added the "Stick Family Silhouettes" to our expanding Wrought Iron Silhouette … [Read more...]