Beautiful Outdoor Weddings: Lighting Up the Occasion

It’s simply an oversight, for the most part. An outdoor wedding, whether understated or outrageous, counts on the venue to be the star player - be it the beach or the backyard - but what happens after the sun goes down? Some of the best moments of the event can get lost without strategically placed pools of twinkling light. … [Read more...]

Fall – Our Favorite Color

The tastefully creative Iron Accents window dressers and in-store beautifiers have been working overtime of late, rendering the displays and vignettes in the showroom our favorite color – Fall. Decorative pieces, foliage and vines, table ware, lighted branches and permanent pumpkins with hand wrought stems…all landscaped in the hues of the … [Read more...]

Lighted Floral Arrangements – Sizzle without the Smoke

  An illuminating idea with a host of decorative and design possibilities, lighted branches and florals offer the ambient attraction that, once, only candles possessed. Tiny star lights on graceful branches can be shaped to fit any vessel, add height and substance to existing arrangements, create a dramatic dinner table tableau or change … [Read more...]