Party in the Park, Party in the Pines, Party with No Frills or Spills!

They say that necessity is the Mother of Invention and with this idea, Mom is hitting on all cylinders. Introducing the Redneck Wine Glass, a hefty twelve ounce Ball mason jar on a stem with – we are not kidding – a screw tight lid! Perhaps you don’t see the significance of this? You can actually pour yourself a glass of wine and put it in your … [Read more...]


Yum! Here’s Our Favorite Summer Cook-Out Recipes

There's something about sunny summer weather that makes barbecue just a little more savory and cold beverages just a little more refreshing. Maybe it's because you get to share this special time with people that you love, or maybe it's because a little Vitamin D is good for your mood. We know summer doesn't officially begin for two more weeks, … [Read more...]


Celebrating North Georgia’s Wineries

When people think of fine wines, they immediately conjure up images of the patchwork vineyards of Napa Valley, the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy or the Mediterranean region of Provence, France.  Few people are aware of the deliciously decadent wines born of Georgia-grown grapes. Indeed, North Georgia is one of the greatest wine regions in the … [Read more...]