2015 Design Trend Forecast: You’ll Need More Iron in Your de´cor

Your diet isn’t the only thing that needs more iron in it. This year’s design trends are all about refreshing and reinventing – taking those old, overused finishes (think: brass hardware, the ubiquitous chevron print and all-plastic everything) and restyling them into something totally new and unexpected. Swap out the outdated brass hardware for hand-made, forged iron cabinet hardware, ditch the chevron for a more classic and cozy herringbone and replace mirrored surfaces with reclaimed wood and industrial metal. By incorporating more iron into your de´cor, you can create an updated, expressive space that feels brand-new, even if it’s 100 years old.

Design Trend No. 1: Iron Hardware

Great news for anyone who loves rustic and earthy home de´cor: brass hardware is out and iron is in. Iron hardware for the kitchen or bathroom is a top-choice for interior designers who want to bring an eclectic, hand-crafted finish into any space. Hammered, knotted and branch-textured pulls and knobs complement down-to-earth design, with all things woodsy and organic taking center stage. Iron hardware plays against the utilitarian, manufactured feeling of the kitchen and bathroom and restores a cozy warmth and whimsy to the room.

Design Trend No. 2: Rethinking Vintage

The fact of the matter is that mid-century modern and vintage home de´cor is here to stay, at least for now. To add a new and exciting twist to your space with vintage finds, ditch the overdone advertising wall art, mod colors (bye bye plum, teal and sunshine yellow) and kitschy polka-dot prints. The idea is to replace your big-color 1970s accents with more subdued, antiqued home de´cor items from the ’20s and ’30s. Choose more aged and weathered vintage pieces, like painted coat racks or hooks that feature peeling paint, or utilitarian vintage finds, like wooden ironing boards and baker’s racks. With that being said, geometric shapes are back in a big way, so it never hurts to hang a few pieces of honeycomb wall art or circular mirrors to keep the 1970s flame burning.




Design Trend No.3: Unique Lighting

Update your space with lighting choices that are both funky and functional, like chandeliers that double as wine racks or birdcage light fixtures. Every element of your home has the power to be its own statement piece, and choosing out-of-the-box lighting can help transform a room from basic and uninspiring to bright and brilliant. Light fixtures made from unconventional materials, like reclaimed wood or vintage baskets, create a gallery-inspired lighting environment that turns the ceiling into a showcase. Industrial lighting, like physician’s lamps and Edison bulbs, also help bring your lighting up to date.

Design Trend No. 4: Sculptural Finishing Touches

Interior designers are always looking for ways to replace mass manufactured goods with unique, hand-made pieces, and affordable sculptures are a great way to do that. Decorating with both large-scale iron sculptures that command attention and smaller tabletop sculptures that double as paperweights or door stops is a great way to add a museum-inspired touch to your living space. You can also bring abstract, sculptural silhouettes into your home with decorative candle holders, wine racks and other useful, dramatically shaped home de´cor essentials.




Design Trend No. 5: Functional and Beautiful Storage

Whether you want to store your pet’s toys, find a new place to keep your essential kitchen gadgets or create a great space to display your collection of favorite books, attractive storage is the way to go. Cheap, low-quality storage materials like plastic and particle board are dorm room staples, but they have no place in the realm of modern, mature design. Replace these unsightly storage options with beautiful wooden or wire bookcases, elegant iron magazine racks, vintage-inspired hooks and hangers and delightful, rustic buckets made from weathered wood. Keeping everything in its right place with decorative storage containers is one of the best ways to quickly and affordably unclutter your space and, as everyone knows, neatness never goes out of style.

Design Trend No. 6: Industrial Chic

Industrial design was once thought of as too simple and utilitarian for modern homeowners, but contemporary artists and designers have found ways to breathe new life into industrial home de´cor pieces, like metal furniture and workplace lighting. Iron bar stools, work tables, shelving, desks, metal light fixtures and more help you capture that ultra-industrial, steampunk-inspired look that is oh-so-in-vogue. Be sure to choose pieces that blend the utility of sheet metal and iron with the warmth and comfort of elements like aged wood, weathered patinas and neutral paints for authentic yet updated industrial interior design.




Design Trend No. 6: Metal and Iron Beds

Contemporary bedroom design is all about forging comfort, utility and aesthetic, so it’s no surprise that iron and metal beds are a popular choice this year. Four-post beds are a classic and timeless bedroom basic, but modern four-posters infuse a rustic, geometric spirit to set themselves apart from the ornate, Victorian-inspired styles of yesteryear. Choose wrought iron and wood beds for sleeping spaces that aim to strike a balance between the authoritarian and industrial look of metal or iron and the warmth and comfort associated with aged, reclaimed wood.

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