Designer Spotlight: Stone County Ironworks

Graceful-yet-practical design meets handsome structure and modern sensibility with Stone County Ironworks’ complement of gorgeous iron furniture. With whimsical, nature-inspired details like hand-hammered iron twigs and unfinished hardwood tabletops, this trusted line offers a great selection of rustic home furniture that’s fit for any tree house de´cor. Stone County also has an inspired collection of contemporary iron furniture that features minimalist, industrial-style iron with leather, fabric and sleek wood accents.

For over three decades, Stone County Ironworks has been producing exceptional-quality forged-iron home furnishings in the hills of Stone County, Ark. Bench-made one by one, all of Stone County Ironworks’ pieces are hand-crafted by skilled blacksmiths who have devoted their lives to sharpening their crafting skills, leaving you with a broad selection of iron home furnishings that are forged with extraordinary design and unmatched quality. The company also employs a team of finish experts – called “finish-artisans”- who focus only on powder-coating pieces with the finest finishes imaginable.




Stone County is so devoted to the craft of old-fashioned ironwork and attention to detail that they heat, hammer and hand-vein their leafs whereas most modern companies weld imported, stamped leafs onto their pieces. The leaf is an age-old indicator of quality when it comes to ironworking, as only the best blacksmiths possess the skills to create hand-made leafs. This innovative company is devoted to using only the absolute best materials, like forged iron and hand-fired copper, to ensure that quality and aesthetic are thoughtfully integrated into each piece’s design.




Stone County Ironworks operates on the principal that quality pieces require time, care and the love of a dedicated artisan. Second- and third-generation employees forge works of art using centuries-old ironworking techniques and hand tools. Because of this, Stone County can proudly say that each and every piece that comes out of their forge is a true one-of-a-kind with its own special and unique variations. Pieces can even be customized and modified to a customer’s liking for an extra fee.




In addition to a striking selection of hand-forged iron home de´cor, Stone County is also a leader in providing iron hearth and mantle accessories, including fireplace tool sets and fire screens that are specially designed to help bring additional warmth and function to your fireplace. The company’s collection of dramatic, hand-hammered iron lighting includes fixtures that blend the strength and authority of iron with the soft spirit of stone and animal skin for a truly artful lighting option that’s eclectic and elegant. Stone County Ironworks is also well-known for their commanding iron and leather chairs, exquisite iron beds and beautiful, artfully designed tables of all sizes.




Each and every Stone County Ironworks creation is made in the U.S. with authentic materials and methods plus styles and finishes that are forged-to-order to your specifications. Most of these pieces come in a wide variety of finishes ranging from natural black to rich woodland brown to ensure that they fit perfectly in whatever environment you envision. Stone County’s expert finish-artisans can even replicate the characteristics of weathered wood or antiqued metal for a truly one-of-a-kind piece that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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