Style-Specific Design

Whether you’re aiming for fabulous French Country or luxurious lake house, these simple tips will help you achieve a space that’s amazingly true to you. By choosing accent pieces that take you to another place — to the French countryside, to your childhood lake house, to a chalet among the pines — you can create a well-coordinated living environment that’s authentic to your desired theme.

1. Nailing the ultra-quaint lake house décor look. When you think back to childhood memories spent by the lake, you probably think of the rusted, aged and weathered. Water-worn canoes, beat-up bicycles and sun-soaked planters. Don’t be afraid to bring these pieces into your home to give a space that playful, down-to-earth feeling without going full-blown barnyard or rustic. A few artfully aged home décor accents can bring extreme charm to any lake house or cottage décor theme. Carefully placed antiqued, white-washed wall hangings and rusted metal containers are spot-on for this style.




2. Emulating high-class and high-style with French Country décor. If you dream of a French Country home that’s oh-so-perfect, you’ll want to incorporate many of the design’s hallmarks — worn and weathered woodwork, charming ruffles and a color scheme that’s overflowing with creams and gentle whites. Add some Provence-inspired accessories, like a scrolled fireplace screen or a wrought iron lazy Susan, for a fabulous, authentically Parisian finishing touch. There’s nothing that says contemporary country chic quite like well-coordinated French Country home décor.

3. Styling with spicy Southwestern home accents. You don’t have to live among the sagebrush and yucca to achieve the perfect Southwestern home décor, but it doesn’t hurt to pepper your space with a prickly pear cactus or two. Southwestern design is big on blending bold, geometric patterns (inspired by the work of the region’s artful indigenous peoples) with subdued, earthy color tones and eye-catching pops like turquoise and red. Choose large-scale items that have been inspired by the desert, like metal beds that have been shaped to mimic tree branches or reclaimed wood dining tables with finishes that take you back to the Old West.




4. Cozying up to the lodge look. A wood-burning fireplace, a warm cup of cocoa and a few fluffy blankets are the basics for any lodge décor theme, but you can ramp things up a notch or two by adding some super-rustic home décor accessories that bring the forest in, like cast iron bookends and animal hide lampshades, in your lovely, lodge living space. Perfect for your ski lodge in the mountains or woodsy chalet, these romantic and rustic accessories bring in the warmth and wonder. Remember — it’s not a true-blue lodge without an antler chandelier or an animal skin rug.

5. Outdoing the factory-chic look with industrial finds. Industrial interior décor may seem cold and unwelcoming, but the right design eye can ensure an authoritative, industrial look that’s comfortable and classy enough for just about any entertaining, office or living space. Industrial light fixtures — especially pendant lamps with Edison bulbs — are an absolute essential for this design theme. You can also finish your industrial décor with raw iron accessories that double as functional storage spaces, like a galvanized sheet iron trough or multipurpose baker’s racks.

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