CHALK IT UP! Unleash your Inner ARTIST!

There are NO MORE excuses for supposed ‘lack of artistic ability’ when it comes to the wildly adaptable and endlessly versatile updated world of the CHALKBOARD!!

This HOT–HOT–HOT new/old medium has permanently crossed over from the classroom to–well, just about everywhere else! The once imposing chalkboard–where we stayed after school to write 100 times “I will not pass notes in class”–is now in OUR control to freely express whatever moves us! AND with the added bonus of having a fabulous range of choices for use in everything from arts/crafts and home décor to retail/business and wedding displays–to name just a VERY few.


The force behind this mega-popularity is easy to see: ANYONE can become a clever crafter or artistic genius with very little ability! And the best surprise is the AFFORDABILITY factor—any budget size allows you to get started in your creative chalkboard endeavors!


Signs, Furniture, Walls, Windows, Frames, Boxes, Trays, Banners, Flower Pots, Bottles, Gift Bags, Tags, Wrapping Paper……the trendy new uses are so vast that once you get started it may be hard to control!

Lacking ideas? Just open a magazine, peruse Pinterest, or simply Google “chalkboard” and you’ll find a multitude of creative applications! Ideas are everywhere so IT’S TIME TO GET STARTED!

HELPFUL TIPS: There are really only a few things you need to know to help make your project a success:
1. Apply multiple coats of chalkboard paint and allow for thorough drying time
2. Prime your finished blank chalkboard surface by laying the chalk lengthwise and rubbing completely over entire area.
3. Use regular chalkboard chalk or chalk ink markers.
4. Erase with Magic Eraser or damp paint brush and always allow to dry before applying your design.
5. Use spray sealant if you want to preserve your design permanently.
chalk 11

Here at Iron Accents we are proud to carry a wonderful array of chalkboard offerings:

Explore the limitless opportunities for creative expression with Chalkboard—it’s for EVERYONE!

How to Win:
1. Like Iron Accents on Facebook
2. Leave a comment about why YOU deserve to win on the Giveaway post
3. Cross your fingers that you’ll win until September 10th when the winner will be announced on Facebook! 

Good Luck and Thank You to Everyone who Participates!


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