Rustic BBQ Wedding- Congratulations Shanta & Dan


In an age of extravagant wedding shows ranging from finding the perfect dress to watching bridezillas battle it out with their wedding planner, it’s no wonder that many of today’s modern brides are shooting for a low key event with a casual and rustic feel. Shanta and Dan Caserto, daughter and now son-in-law to Iron Accents owner Valerie Kirves, opted for just that. Their Pinterest worthy ceremony was dressed to the country nines without the huge budget normally associated with it.

Having a mother who has been in the design field for twenty years can sure help with decorating a wedding venue, but you don’t have to have years of experience in order to create your dream wedding. A bit rustic in nature, the wedding party fundamentals include burlap ribbon, forged flatware, handsome table lanterns, menu blackboards, and lighted metal signs. With ideas for your wedding décor or gifts for the next wedding you’re attending, you just have to see what Iron Accents has to offer.

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Dress up the tables at your reception with sets of mismatched lanterns paired with colored mason jars full of wildflowers. Not only is this idea  unique to the normal flower vases seen at weddings but  lanterns in your home décor after the wedding instead of storing the leftover vases in your attic to collect dust. The mason jars can also be re-purposed in the home with a pump and lid to make them lotion or soap can also re-use the

Does your wedding venue only offer white table cloths and you are unable to find room in your budget to shell out for ones that match your color scheme? Look no further than the beautiful burlap ribbon that Shanta and Dan chose. These ribbons come in a variety of colors and add a great pop of color to your tables without breaking the bank. Want to dress up your chairs as well, try the burlap chair sash and wave goodbye to the costly satin options.

Other great options:

  • No room in the budget for expensive flowers? Why not try inexpensive baby’s breath flowers and add these beautiful lighted willow branches to your centerpiece.
  • Want to have candles without the fire hazard? Try the luminara flame replicating candles.
  • Want to keep it simple? Try the willow wrapped vase and complete the look with fresh flowers.
  • Don’t forget about the doors of the venue! Try our rustic metal door bucket to cover up the plain doors.
  • Save on napkin rings with love quote tags! These inexpensive to make tags not only functioned as napkin rings but also as conversation starters at each table.

Buffet Table & Bar:

Serve yourself buffet tables are a great way to shave money off your wedding bill. If you’re worried about the buffet table looking bland with your warming trays and pans why not think outside the box with these fun options.



The best part of all of these ideas is that after the wedding, all of these items can be transferred to your home décor as well. This makes all the decorations very cost effective and they can be used for years to come because of their fantastic quality.

Shower Gifts:

The wedding cake is a masterpiece to look at, delicious to taste, and a wonderful thing to remember as the couple saves the top tier for their one year anniversary. Why not offer them a beautiful way to enjoy the cake on their special day and to use again on their anniversary with the 3-piece wedding cake serving set with “Just Married,” “I Do,” and “Me Too” engraved.

A wedding is about the joining of two people in love into holy matrimony. But it is also a time to bring your friends and family together for a day of fun! Why not celebrate the occasion with showering the happy couple with gifts! Here are a few of our go-to wedding gift items for the bride and groom.

  • Sometimes instead of gifts people would rather give monetary contributions with cards. Use the Mr. & Mrs. Card box to place cards and well wishes to be featured on the gift table.
  • Want to buy something that the couple will actually use instead of the expensive crepe pan they will use once? Why not buy the Mr. Right & Mrs.  Always Right Flour Sack pillow set which they would use every day and recall happy memories of their wedding.
  • They say a picture’s worth 1000 words. If that’s true then the “I would chose you frame” is perfect to display in their home after the wedding with their favorite picture from the day.
  • One of the bridesmaids or a bride looking for a great gift? Look no further than “The Girls” frame complete with a burlap ribbon at the top.
  • One of the guys? Try the “Guys” picture frame and stick a goofy photo from the night in the frame to celebrate your bromance.


Aside from decorating and planning for your wedding, remember that the wedding is about the love between you and your groom. Make sure to cherish every moment because it will go by in a flash! If you need help with your wedding decorations or gifts feel free to give us a call, we would love to assist you for your big day. 








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