Employee Picks: Best Gifts to Give and Receive this Holiday

Marble_Fire_TableThe holidays are right around the corner and before you know it, Christmas Day will be upon us. With all the decorating, holiday parties, baking and traveling during this time of year, we know shopping can seem like more of a chore than anything else. Between the shopping mall traffic and waiting in long lines to fight over that must-have item of the year, it’s easy to lose sight of what Christmas is all about. Lucky for you, the employees at Iron Accents have come together to compile a little gift-giving guide in hopes of making this holiday shopping experience a little more pleasant.

At Iron Accents, we have a little something for everyone – and whether you’re planning to shop in store or online, we guarantee a stress free and enjoyable experience. So, keep reading to see what items the Iron Accents team are gushing over this year and then head on over to to start checking people off your list!

Teacher_Christmas_GiftTara’s Gift to Give: Pencil Holders
A perfect gift to give that special teacher in your life…

Teachers are some of the most important people in our lives and they cannot be overlooked during the holiday season. They spend so much time with our children and are responsible for a large part of their development and if you’re lucky to have an amazing teacher in your child’s life, like Tara, you want to be sure to show your appreciation this time of year. We previously mentioned these great gifts for teachers in our latest Featured Manufacturer blog post, and Tara was in agreement.

“I can’t wait to give this as a gift to all of my daughter’s teachers,” Tara says. “Not only are they so cute and clever, but they make for a great conversation piece for any one with a desk. Primitives by Kathy has so many adorable gifts for teachers, but if I had to choose, this would be my favorite!”

Tara’s Gift to Get: Marble Fire Table
A great gift for someone that loves the outdoors…

Tara has been eyeing this item in-store for quite some time. She has a new deck that is currently under construction, but will be completed any day now and she’s looking forward to many evenings of relaxing around her new fire table. Our Marble Fire Table is a beautiful gathering spot centerpiece and family and friends will certainly love gathering around.

“We have so many fire pits and tables at Iron Accents, but this is my personal favorite,” Tara says. “This modern style table would be such an awesome addition to our new deck. Not only does it serve as a functional table, but the fire pit in the center saves some much needed space on the deck. I just absolutely love this and hope someone in my family gets the hint so I can unwrap this Christmas morning!”

Decorative_Glass_JarsHannah’s Gift to Get: Decorative Glass Jars
Great for the arts and crafts lover in your life…

We asked Hannah to pick one gift she would love to receive as well as one gift she would love to give, but this proved to be quite difficult for her. In fact, she tried to narrow down all of her picks to just one, but that wasn’t happening. Instead, she submitted several, and hey! We can’t blame her! It’s nearly impossible to pick just one gift. Here’s what Hannah had to say:

“Whoever said giving is better than receiving obviously didn’t work here. Picking just one thing is simply not possible for me, so instead I’m going to tell you what I would love to find tucked under the tree for me!”

Hannah’s first pick for her favorite gift to get this holiday season are these Decorative Glass Jars. Much like her second pick, the Metal Drum Tables, Hannah loves these Decorative Glass Jars because of their multiple possible uses.

“These jars could be useful in so many different settings,” Hannah says. “I love crafting and these could help organize all the little knick-knacks in my craft room. They would also be perfect for organizing my spice collection on my kitchen countertops, or even in a child’s room to organize their little doo-dads!”

Hannah’s Gift to Get: Metal Drum Table (Set of 2)
A versatile piece that can be used indoors or outdoors…

For Hannah’s second pick, she says, “Bring on the drums!” That’s right, she is in love with our new Set of Two Metal Drum Tables. She loves them not only for their unique, rustic appearance, but also because of how multi-functional they are.

“These can be used in so many ways and that’s what makes them a must-have,” Hannah says. “You can use them indoors or outdoors. To use them outdoors, you could flip them upside down and use as a planter in your garden, use them as a side table on your patio for placing your drink, or flip them over, add ice, and you’ve created a great self-serve beverage holder for your cold drinks! Use these drums inside your house as a side table or a night stand, or create a decorative display by flipping them over and filling them with flowers and stems. And since they come in two graduated sizes, you could have one serve as a night stand and the other could be filled with toys in your child’s room. In fact, that’s exactly what I would do!”

Hannah’s Gift to Get: Rolling Shelf Table
A lovely, functional piece to provide extra storage…

It’s becoming pretty obvious that Hannah loves functional pieces that offer some extra storage. Her third pick for her Christmas wish list is our Rolling Shelf Table, which couldn’t be more aptly named! This piece houses two basket shelves with a solid metal top that easily moves around on caster feet. Since it moves so easily, you can place it anywhere your heart desires! And there’s so many ways to use it. As Hannah puts it, “Who doesn’t need a rolling cart?!”

Reclaimed_Wood_FrameTeresa’s Gift to Get: Reclaimed Wood Frame
One of our most popular items, this gift is great for the matriarch in your family…

Teresa knew exactly what she was going to ask Santa for this year and was quick to let us know, as well. She’s been eyeing these Reclaimed Wood Frames since we got them in store and she knows exactly what she would do with them.

“I absolutely love this picture frame,” Teresa says. “I love the look of the weathered and painted wood with burlap and I also adore the way the three frames are side by side like a collage. It makes for a great statement piece hanging on my wall. I would use this frame to show off all my adorable grandkids, and with the new school pictures every year, the front loading clamping system makes switching out the photos extremely easy!”

Teresa’s Gift to Give: Flour Sack Throws
With their sometimes hilarious, sometimes inspiring messages, you can find a flour sack throw for each person in your life…

For her favorite gift to give this holiday season, Teresa chose our Flour Sack Throws. In fact, she is looking forward to getting one for almost everyone on her list. For the dog lover in her life, she’s already purchased the “Sleep with Dogs” Flour Sack Throw and the “With My Dog” Flour Sack Throw and for the cat lover in her life, she’s picked up the “With My Cat” Flour Sack Throw. For her grandchildren, she’s selected the adorable “My Sunshine” Flour Sack Throw whose message is a simple reminder that her grandchildren are her sunshine.

Teresa says, “Any of these Flour Sack Throws make a wonderful Christmas gift and you can almost completely clear off your shopping list with these. From pet lovers to family members to significant others and your children, we have a flour sack throw for everyone. Not only are they heart-warming and funny, but these are great for keeping you warm during the cold winter months!”

So, there you have it! These are some of our employee’s favorite gifts to give and receive this holiday season. Be sure to check out and pick up something for everyone on your Christmas list. And if you shop between November 20 and November 24, you will receive $10 Christmas Cash for a future order at! Simply enter XMAS-CASH when you check-out to ensure you receive your $10 Christmas Cash!


Tell us — What do you wish Santa would leave under your tree?

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