Christmas Themes at Iron Accents: Winter Chalet

Winter_Chalet_Christmas_ThemeIt’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right… Even though Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, we couldn’t help ourselves and just had to start decorating for Christmas. While some may scoff at the idea of decorating before Thanksgiving, we have no shame and are in full “holiday mode” at Iron Accents. In fact, we held our 2013 Christmas Open House earlier this month and all of you that were able to come helped make it a great success.

For those of you that missed it, fret not! We have plenty of photos that we are excited to share with you. You can check out some of our most popular decor themes on our Pinterest, Houzz, Facebook, and of course here, on our blog. Throughout the month of November, we will be featuring some of our favorite Christmas decor themes, along with tips to help you achieve the same look direct from our expert designers. Our first theme we’re highlighting was a favorite at our Christmas Open House. Our “Winter Chalet” theme takes the classic White Christmas theme and mixes in natural elements to make it a winter wonderland for all!

Keep reading to see how you can accomplish this same look in your home, and what pieces are a must-have!

Ornaments & Garland


After you’ve picked the perfect tree, found the ideal space in your home to create your very own winter wonderland, and have it firmly in place, it’s time to start decorating. Your ornaments will be a mix of crystal pieces, shiny metal, and matte finish ornament balls in white, silver, and clear. These finishes reflect the shimmering branches to create an ethereal glow reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

For our “Winter Chalet” themed Christmas tree, we used a variety of ornaments including several of our Antique Silver Pine Cone Ornaments ($4.95), our Matte Opal Cream Ornament Balls ($4.95), our Metal Reindeer Ornaments ($6.95), and our realistic, but made of resin Antler Ornaments ($6.95). When placed strategically throughout the tree, these ornaments work together to create a lovely balance. Be sure to mix in our 29″ Bell Pine Garland, which is a must for a Winter Chalet tree. The realistic pine needles hang elegantly while the bells jingle ever so softly for a sweet reminder that a visit from Kris Kringle is just around the corner. Also, consider placing a few of our Snow Sprayed Poinsettias ($8.95) throughout the tree to include a subtle pop of color.

Decorative Birds


As we mentioned, the Winter Chalet theme mixes conventional aspects of a White Christmas with elements from nature that aren’t traditionally used. By incorporating different woodland creatures into your snowy scene, you can create an area that takes you from your usual living room setting straight to the Swiss Alps.

owls2For our “Winter Chalet” tree, we used different versions of our wildly popular decorative owls and placed them on branches throughout. Our Aspen Owls ($16.00) come in a set of two and because they are made of polyfoam, they won’t weigh down your branches. Our set of two Chinelle Owls ($42.00) are soft and lightweight, but measure 8.5″ tall, so they’re sure to be seen from across the room. Our Snow Lodge Standing Owl ($18.50) is another option and our set of two White Feathered Owls ($15.95) with their bedhead appearance (seen in the photo to the left) are an adorable option as well.

And don’t think owls are the only avian creatures you can include. Our set of three dressed-up Feathered Birds with Hats ($32.00) are adorable as they keep warm with their winter hats and scarves. Adorned in their winter best, these little guys feature real feathers and beaks that appear ready to peck. Place them throughout your tree and they’ll look right at home. You may also want to consider our Singing Bird with Clip ($3.50) to incorporate a splash of traditional red Christmas color into the mostly white theme. This delicate bird is mid-song with its open beak and is connected to a clip, making it easy to attach to your tree branch.

Miniature Woodland Creatures


Your tree is certainly the most important piece of your Christmas decor and deserves a fair amount of attention. But keep in mind that to truly create a breathtaking “Winter Chalet” setting, you will need to decorate the areas around your tree as well. In our showroom, we used several different pieces to help us achieve that snow covered mountain look. We placed a balanced mixture of miniature snowcapped buildings, frosty poinsettia sprays, lifelike woodland creatures and the occasional naturally shed antler to round out the mountain wonderland scene quite nicely. And perhaps this is one of our only Christmas decor theme where the occasional mounted deer head won’t look out of place!

1426338_10152789848610942_349429850_nIn our Winter Chalet setting, we used white felt to spread under our trees, as well as any other area we included in our decorative setting to mimic the appearance of freshly fallen snow. If you don’t have enough white felt, you can use burlap as a substitute, but spread it sparingly throughout the setting. The natural appearance of burlap will fit seamlessly with the overall theme. Our miniature snow covered buildings from Holiday Florals are a lovely addition to your decor, as well as one or two of our lanterns. You can easily decorate your mantel with white felt, garland, and one or two of these buildings to tie your entire room together. Some of our favorites are the 10.5″ Snowy Cabin, the 9″ Snowy Cabin and our Snowy Church.

christmas_deerWhen it comes to which woodland creatures you want to include, we have endless options to choose from at Iron Accents. One of our favorite pieces (picture above, to the right) is the set of two Sitting and Lying Foxes ($142.00), which are made of polystone in a rich brown color that’s been washed in a rustic grey to highlight the stunning fur detail. This pair of foxes pose for an unexpected photo of woodland charm and they fit right into your winter wonderland! Another great option is our set of two Glittered Laying Deer ($139.00). These deer shine brilliantly with their glittered surface. Place them near your tree and be astonished by the way they reflect the lighted branches to create a dazzling atmosphere. If glittered deer aren’t “your thing”, then consider placing our pair of Christmas Deer ($98.00) beside your tree. Their fur appears to be covered in soft dusting of snow, making them yet another great option for your Winter Chalet theme.

And if your tree is in the family room, you must include holiday decorative pillows like our Poinsettia Design Pillows ($34.00). These seasonal pillows are perfect for Christmas, but can also work year round. These comfortable decorative pillows are 17″x17″ and made of neutral ground polyester sporting a traditional felt poinsettia, available in red or white. Also feel free to place a few Bear Cubs, $96.00 around the space (under the tree or on the couch) and you’ll surely delight any little ones in your life.

So there you have it. You can find everything you need for your Winter Chalet Christmas decor theme here. Feel free to use our photos and tips for inspiration, but let your own creative juices flow! When you’re done, you’ll surely have a setting that is as snowy and peaceful as a postcard from Aspen.

If you can’t wait to see all of our other Christmas decorating themes, you can check them out here. And if you find yourself inspired by any of our themes, please feel free to share your photos with us on our Facebook or by emailing us at!

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