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PBK_GiftsThe process of decorating your home usually starts out as an exciting and fun experience, but it can quickly turn into a headache. Nowadays with tools like Houzz and Pinterest, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and if you don’t start out with a clearly defined concept, you are likely to end up with an uncoordinated mess of projects and products with no clear theme.

Because we know it can get overwhelming trying to find the perfect home decor items for your dream space, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of home decor items for every decor style and taste. To make it even easier for you to navigate through our wide variety of products, we’ve introduced a few blog series. Our Designer Picks by Style blog series makes it easy to find the best pieces for your specific style while our Featured Manufacturer blog series highlights our most popular product lines, and explains why we love them. Two months ago, we introduced our Featured Manufacturer blog series and you guys have made it a hit! So far, we’ve covered the rustic yet modern Roost Design and the line of timeless antique reproduction pieces, Park Hill Collection.

This month we’re focusing on not only one of our favorite product lines, but one that is clearly a favorite of yours as well. Year after year you’ve made Primitives by Kathy one of our best-selling lines and this year has been no different. Known for their always adorable, sometimes inspiring, sometimes hilarious wooden box signs, Primitives by Kathy has recently launched several new products with the same “express yourself” attitude that has made the wooden box signs such a hit.

One of our favorite things about the Primitives by Kathy line is how each item is individually handcrafted, which is a direct testament to how the company started. Back in 1997, after a decade of working with her mother at her gift shop and art studio, Kathy set out on her own. Her natural talent as an artist and years of working as a buyer in the gift industry gave Kathy the edge she needed to make it in the wholesale market. In June 1997, Kathy exhibited at her first trade show where she featured her homemade, handcrafted (in her basement, nonetheless) wooden candle box and her product was a hit. With over $85,000 in orders and no idea how she was going to fill them on her own, Kathy took a huge risk, got a business loan and with the help of some great people at Goodwill Industries, she was able to fill her first order. This was the beginning of a frightening, but promising journey and 16 years later, Primitives by Kathy has turned into a flourishing business with 50+ employees and a product line that grows every year. This year, Primitives by Kathy released the largest catalog of products in their history, introducing several new lines. So, keep reading to learn all about these new products from Primitives by Kathy!

Wooden Box Signs


PBK-7Of all the products Primitives by Kathy now offers, we know you’re most familiar with the wooden box signs. From the inspirational, the heart-warming, the witty and the comical, Primitives by Kathy has a wooden box sign for nearly every thought or expression you’ve ever had.

These wooden box signs are fantastic for displaying in a group or placed randomly throughout the home. Not only are they great for a quick reminder to smile, or a random laugh to lighten your mood, but they are an ideal way to add a special personal touch to your rustic home decor.

We’ve organized these signs by category, making it easier to find the expression that fits your individual personality and your specific styled space. If you’re looking for a simple reminder to keep your chin up, check out our collection of inspirational box signs and faith-based box signs.

pbk_boxsignDecorating a beach home or a lake home? Then you’ll certainly love the collection of beach-themed box signs, as well as our lake house and cabin themed box signs. There’s also a wide variety of baby-themed box signs for those decorating a nursery, and don’t forget about the sports-themed box signs for the perfect decorative accessory in your home’s man cave. These also make wonderful gifts, and with the friendship box signs and romantic box signs, you can find the perfect way to express your feelings with a gift that is sure to warm their heart.

Check out all the wooden box signs from Primitives by Kathy on our website and pick your perfect expression today!

Flour Sack Pillows & Throws



One of the newest product lines from Primitives by Kathy, the flour sack pillows and throws were an instant hit. Inspired by the wooden box signs, each pillow and throw displays an inspirational or funny phrase, and some even feature humorous and seasonal images. These pillows and throws are comfortable and fashionable, making them perfect for decorating your living room, guest bedroom, or even for the bed in your master suite. We refer to the Flour Sack Pillows as “Talking Pillows” because the phrases they boast allow you to speak your mind without uttering a single word. Keeping with the primitive theme of the PBK product line, these flour sack pillows are modeled after retro cotton flour sacks and made of machine washable linen. The Flour Sack Throws are equally as expressive and each blanked has fringe that flanks the top and bottom edges, giving it a lovely finished look.

Flour Sack Totes & Vintage Inspired Linens



Yet another product line inspired by the expressive wooden box signs, the Flour Sack Totes allow you to organize all types of things while subtly speaking your mind. Store makeup, toys, arts and crafts supplies, magazines, and more in these cotton and polyester totes.

Taking it to the next level is PBK’s new line of Vintage Inspired Linens that include feedback style tea towels, place mats, table cloths and runners. Not all of these linens feature the witty and insightful phrases. Some are simply adorned with the subtle stripes, reminiscent of the vintage tea towels that lined baskets of baked goods at the old small town general store. These towels are a great addition to line a neighbor’s gift basket at the holidays, or you can keep them for yourself and decorate your kitchen with witty expressions that are sure to keep you laughing.

A Collection of Wonderful Gifts

With Primitives by Kathy’s founder and CEO working in the gift industry for so many years, it only makes sense that her own line would feature several items that make great gifts. For years, the Wooden Box Signs have been one of the most popular items given as gifts at Iron Accents, but as the product line has expanded, new items inspired by the box signs have been introduced. Some of the new introductions include Box Sign Frames, PBK’s Candles and Lighted Florals, the Box Sign Desk Accessories, and Garden Picks & Stakes, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Do you have someone on your Christmas list that loves dogs? Then, they’ll surely love the “Best Dog Ever” Photo Frame. If you’re looking for something to warm your mother’s heart this holiday season, frame her favorite photo of the two of you in the classic “Behind Every Good Kid is a Great Mom” Photo Frame and your mom will be smiling from ear to ear. And don’t forget about that special teacher in your life! A little bit of appreciation goes a long way and the “If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher” Pencil Holder is a great way to tell them thanks this holiday season. Be sure to check out all the Box Sign Photo Frames and Box Sign Desk Accessories on our website and find something for everyone on your list!

Gift Accessories

A bottle of fine wine makes for a wonderful gift any time of the year. So whether you have a special wine lover in your life or you’re looking to bring the hostess a gift to that holiday dinner party, simply pick up a bottle or two of their favorite vino and grab some of PBK’s Box Sign Bottle Tags. These stylish black and white bottle tags mimic the celebrated box signs with comical “nose notes” that are guaranteed to make the recipient chuckle with glee.

PBK_WineBottleTagsThese Box Sign Bottle Tags are easily attached to the wine bottle with a luxurious silk ribbon and displays a funny message on one side and a demure pattern on the other. Some of our favorite funny tags include the “Wine Flies When You’re Having Fun” Bottle Tag, the “Wine: It Isn’t Good to Keep Things Bottled Up” Bottle Tag and the holiday-themed “Put Some Jingle In Your Bells” Bottle Tag. The best part? They are only $2.95 each! Head on over to IronAccents.com and check out our selection of Box Sign Bottle Tags and stock up today!

Year after year, gift cards are one of the most requested and most given presents during the holiday season. However, simply giving a gift card can come off as impersonal. Lucky for you, Primitives by Kathy has introduced their Mini Pillow Gift Card Holders, which display those classic, heartwarming or hilarious phrases that we’ve come to love from PBK. These mini pillows include a pocket ideal for holding a note, gift cards, or cash. And don’t think this is something they will throw away after the gift exchange. With a thick strap attached to the mini pillow, it makes for a lovely piece of decor when hanging on a door. If you want to make it even more special, pick up a few of PBK’s Holiday Box Sign Postcards or Everyday Box Sign Postcards, write a special note and you’ll be sure to warm your loved one’s heart.

So, there you have it! When we said Primitives by Kathy has something for everyone, we weren’t kidding. We’re proud to offer these great items from one of our favorite manufacturers and hope you find something you love, too! Tell us… What are your favorite items from PBK?

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