Kick-Off Football Season in Style with Iron Accents

1016990_10152652363700942_1276817044_nThe college football season kicked off last week and tonight is the official start of the 2013 NFL season. If you’re anything like the team at Iron Accents, then football season is one of the many joys in life. From the excitement during the final few minutes of a close game when you’re hoping your QB will throw a “Hail Mary” to the big division rivalry games each season, there’s so many things we love about this time of year. And while we love seeing our team get the W, that’s not our favorite thing about football season. No, our favorite thing is without a doubt the great Southern tradition of tailgating.

Ahhh… Tailgating. That time when like minded fans come together to eat delicious snacks, drink tasty beverages and discuss the reason this year is THE year. And while it is fun to attend the tailgating spots of others every once in a while, most of us at Iron Accents prefer to be the host. So, as we get ready to kick-off another great football season, we are sharing some of our favorite must-haves for throwing the perfect gridiron get-together.

Whether you’re hosting a football viewing party at your home or your piling the family into the RV to pre-game in the stadium parking lot, we have everything you need to wow your guests. So keep reading to see what we’ve picked as our football favorites. Who knows… You may even turn the followers of your rival team into your #1 fan.

Beverage Servers

Marseilles Beverage Server

If you’re hosting your tailgate party early in the season, chances are it’s still pretty hot out. So be sure to provide plenty of cold beverages (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) for your guests. We have a wide variety of beverage servers to choose from, including our contemporary styled Solis Beverage Server, our glass and stainless steel Metro Beverage Servers, our easy-to-use Marseilles Beverage Servers and more. No matter which beverage server you choose, you’re guests will be impressed by the way they dress up even the most casual occasions. Go the extra mile and try one of these delicious tailgating drink recipes that are sure to keep your guests coming back for more. Check out our collection of beverage servers here.

Drink Tubs

Rustic Rattan Party Buckets

Another great way to serve drinks in style is with one or two of our generously sized drink tubs. These drink tubs allow for some serious crowd control. Whether you choose a tabletop drink tub or one of our standing drink tubs, you’re sure to accommodate the beverage needs of the masses. All of our drink tubs are built to hold ice for long periods of time without making an annoying dripping mess. Our standing drink tubs are made of copper and hand forged wrought iron stands that bring a little something extra to any event.

Consider using our La Forge Beverage Stand, made of a copper finished bucket housed in a rustic wrought iron stand with an extra shelf below for any extra drinks. As soon as someone grabs a drink from the ice tub above, you can easily refill it with one from below. If you’re looking for a tabletop party bucket, consider our Rustic Rattan Party Buckets. These beautiful rattan wrapped drink buckets come in a set of three and are lined with water tight galvanized steel to ensure there’s no unwanted condensation making a mess on your tabletop. We have plenty of options to choose from, so check them out here.

Serving Dishes

Soho Appetizer Bowls

No tailgating party is complete without a delectable spread of finger foods, grilled treats, and dips galore! Take your display to another level with our gorgeous serving dishes and accessories. Looking for an elegant way to serve your dips? These Soho Appetizer Bowls may do the trick. These contemporary style glass serving bowls are displayed in dark metal stands all at varying heights. Create a glamorous presentation and guests are sure to clean these bowls before halftime.

We may even have some pieces that fit for your specific team. For instance, if there are any New Orleans Saints fans out there, consider using our Fleur de Lis Cheese Picks. Any University of Florida Gators fans? How about our Alligator Soup Spoons?




You probably already have your table linens and streamers in your respective team colors, but you might also want to check out some of our humorous football themed Wooden Box Signs. When displayed at your next football party, they are guaranteed to get plenty of laughs.

So now that you’ve got the beverage servers, the drink tubs, the proper serving dishes and all the right decorations, your tailgating party is sure to claim the W for the home team. So head on into the redzone with all the right gear from Iron Accents and get ready for kick-off!

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