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Caring for Your Wrought Iron Furniture

Outdoor Iron FurnitureThe process of hand making iron accents is quite magical. Most people don’t realize that their beautiful wrought iron accents get their shape after being exposed to 2,000 degree Fahrenheit flames and then hand forged into the elegant shapes that decorate your home. This isn’t something just anyone can do. A highly skilled artisan with years of experience is responsible for the intricate motifs carved into the pieces that compliment your home. Handforged wrought iron is functional art at its finest.

Hours of work and years of experience are required to create these beautiful pieces and with the proper care, these iron furnishings can last for generations. If you’re not sure how to care for your wrought iron, fret not! The Iron Accents team is here to help. Keep reading for some helpful tips on caring for your wrought iron accents.

Indoor Wrought Iron Items

Wrought iron pieces that stay indoors, such as wrought iron beds, wrought iron furniture, kitchen furniture and accents, pressed tin, wrought iron lighting, fireplace screens, etc. can be cared for and cleaned quite easily. Regularly dusting these items is sure to keep them in perfect condition.

Since these pieces are in your home, they are sure to get dirty at some point. From a children spilling their drink to tipsy party guests, your wrought iron pieces are sure to be exposed to household messes at some point. Should your iron furniture or accents get dirty, simply use a soft cloth with mild detergent and hot water to wipe the surface clean. Be sure you don’t use any abrasive cleaners, as this may change the appearance of the iron.

Outdoor Iron Furniture CareOutdoor Wrought Iron Items

Several of our wrought iron furniture and decor pieces are suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. A variety of items from mailboxes to patio furniture can be composed of wrought iron. For items that stay outdoors, the care guidelines are very different than wrought iron pieces that stay indoors.

It is important to understand that once metal becomes exposed to moisture, it is sure to rust. For some, this is a perk, as many people feel the rust patina adds character to the piece. However, this is not desirable for functional outdoor wrought iron furniture. If you’re considering purchasing wrought iron furniture for an uncovered outdoor space, we highly recommend choosing pieces with a “weather resistant” finish. It’s important to note that even with a weather resistant finish, certain pieces may be more vulnerable to oxidation than others. Luckily, by following these recommendations, you can help maintain the original beauty of your wrought iron pieces.

  • Regularly clean your outdoor furniture with warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly. Be sure to use a soft cloth free of any abrasive cleaners.

  • You can periodically apply car wax to your wrought iron furniture. This will help to repel any water and is sure to increase the life of the weather resistant finish.

  • Keep all moving parts on your wrought iron furniture well greased. Anywhere metal rubs against metal (such as gliders or swivel stools) should be well greased at all times.

  • The most common cause of rust on wrought iron furniture is that the finish has been chipped. Once the finish is chipped, the bare metal is continuously exposed to nature’s elements. It is important to immediately touch up any scratches, chips, or rust. You can do this by using a fine steel wool and gently sanding the area. Once you have sanded the area, apply a rust inhibitive primer and paint and follow up with a topcoat of wax or clear sealer for added protection.

  • During the winter months, keep your furniture covered or consider bringing it indoors. Also be sure to cover any stone tops to protect them from excess moisture when freezing temperatures occur.

    Another helpful tip is to use linseed oil. Simply apply a thin coat of linseed oil on your outdoor wrought iron furniture using a soft cloth. Then, take another cloth and polish the excess linseed oil off of the iron. It’s best to do this once every year.

    For more information on selecting, purchasing, and caring for wrought iron home furniture and decorative accents and accessories, read our Wrought Iron Furniture and Decor Guidelines. We also provide additional information on caring for outdoor iron furniture (including our mosaic table tops) here.

    Properly maintaining your wrought iron will enhance and protect your investment for years of enjoyment. Follow these tips and you’re sure to keep your wrought iron furniture in tip-top shape. Tell us… Do you have any other helpful tips?

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