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Old Fashioned Cola Metal Advertising SignValerie Kirves founded Iron Accents back in 1999 with the goal of providing homeowners and designers with a wide variety of high quality and unique wrought iron home furnishings and decorative accents. When Valerie and her husband, Mark built their lake house in North Georgia, they handpicked every piece of hardware and took great care in making sure their home was built to reflect their personalities. Once the home was finished, Valerie was excited to begin decorating. After all, she knew you can build a house, but you have to make it a home.

This house was going to serve as their home for years to come — not only for Mark and Valerie, but also for their children and grandchildren. They weren’t going to settle for your run-of-the-mill decor pieces from the local chain department store and after endless searches for those special pieces that would complete their home, Valerie’s frustration began to build. She realized there must be other homeowners and designers with the same problem. Tired of wishing for the perfect store that offered an expansive collection of the highest quality home furnishings and accents, Valerie decided she would create her own. That’s when Iron Accents was born.

Now a flourishing website with a beautiful 6,000 square foot retail store, Iron Accents is Valerie’s vision brought to life. We are proud to offer more than 100 of the best home decor lines in the industry. From the Old World elegance of the popular Gracious Goods Collection to the unbelievable craftsmanship of KNF Garden Design‘s beautiful mosaic tables, we have no shortage of amazing manufacturers and product lines that bring life, character, and your unique personal style to any space.

This wall clock from the Park Hill Collection is chic and simply sings “world traveler".

This wall clock from the Park Hill Collection is chic and simply sings “world traveler”.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when browsing through our portfolio of outstanding product lines. That’s why we’re excited to announce another new blog series where we highlight one of our featured manufacturers. Much like our Wedding Theme, Designer Picks, and our Employee Picks blog series, our Featured Manufacturers blog series will feature some of our favorite product lines and specifically why we love them.

So, without further ado, we’re excited to announce our first featured manufacturer of this blog series. (Drum roll, please…) Park Hill Collection!

The timelessness and originality of the Park Hill Collection makes it one of our best selling product lines. The Park Hill Collection brings together the charm of primitive America and European countryside for a unique collection of antique reproductions and home accents that allow you to create a personal style that is all your own. One word comes to mind when thinking of the Park Hill Collection: Nostalgia. The product line is made up of a variety of objects that bring to mind memories of “the good ole days” while still remaining timeless, allowing for a seamless fit with any modern home decor. Keep reading as we highlight some of our favorite and best selling pieces from the Park Hill Collection.

Vintage Reproduction Wall Art

This decorative wall art looks like something you would pass on a drive through the backwoods of the old country, tucked away in the corner of an antique shop, or left on display in what is now a ghost town from the early 1900s. Full of color and character, these signs are sure to be a conversation starter in any home or garden. Consider placing the Black Berry Metal Sign on the side of your garden shed, or the Robin Cigars Metal Advertising Sign in the man cave to give it some much needed color and personality. The brightly colored Pea Label Sign would be a perfect fit for a Cottage style kitchen while the Whip and Bridle Metal Sign or the Old Fashioned Cola Advertising Sign would add excitement to an outdoor entertaining area.

Indoor/Outdoor Lanterns

These spectacular weathered lanterns are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are a beautiful decorative accessory wherever they are placed. We recently featured these lanterns as part of our favorite items for a beautiful rustic country chic wedding and they are a customer favorite as well. Place a few of our flameless candles in the French Quarter Lanterns or the Hillcrest Lanterns and place them around your outdoor evening dinner party to create a lovely, romantic atmosphere. The Wood & Galvanized Metal Lanterns echo the look of traditional European street lamps and are stunning when used as a garden accent. Consider hanging the Pleasant Valley Lanterns, the Estate Lanterns, or the Country Club Lanterns on your front porch and greet your guests with a warm, charming glow.

Reclaimed Home Furniture

These trendy, handcrafted home furnishings from the Park Hill Collection are fashionable, sturdy, and fit with nearly any style of home. The Pine Panetteria Dining Table with its creamy yellow, rust base and the hardy plank pine top is ideal for a loft or Industrial style living space while the Reclaimed Elm Kitchen Island is perfect for a French Country style kitchen. The Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table or the Vintage Style Pine Desk are perfect for a Lodge style or Modern Farmhouse home. The Metal Suitcase Side Table would be a great piece in a rustic eclectic living space and the Potting Console Table is a must-have in your outdoor gardening area.

We’ve only highlighted a handful of our favorite pieces from the Park Hill Collection, but you can check the rest out on our website. Head over there now, and tell us… What’s your favorite item from the Park Hill Collection?

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