August’s Wedding Theme of the Month: Country Chic

CountryChicWedding_BarnWhether you grew up waking to the rooster’s crow to gather hay in the fields, or you lived in the city, miles from the nearest farm, a rustic country wedding theme can easily become the wedding of your dreams. For brides that delight in all things rustic and have an appreciation for the “simple country life” and a touch of craftiness, a rustic country wedding is a great way to uniquely present the lucky couple’s personality in a laid-back, romantic way. That’s why we’ve decided to name August our Rustic Country Chic Wedding Month!

Rustic country theme weddings evoke images of thriving small farms, beautiful rolling hills, historic architecture and big red barns. However, by utilizing the right decor, you can host a rustic wedding nearly anywhere, which is one reason we love this wedding theme. Set in the woods, a barn, or even your backyard, a rustic country chic wedding can be dressed up or down to match your desired style and most importantly, your budget.

Before you consider elopement to save money and miss out on celebrating with your family and friends, consider a rustic country theme wedding. Lucky for you brides, it’s still wedding season at Iron Accents and we have plenty of decor ideas to help you create the rustic country wedding of your dreams. Keep reading for some expert tips and ideas from the Iron Accents team!


No matter the event, no matter the setting, lighting is one of the most important elements when trying to set the right mood and create the perfect atmosphere. That’s precisely the case with a rustic country wedding theme, as well.

Our collection of affordable lighted florals and branches are perfect to instantly create ambiance and make your ceremony and reception enchanting. If you’re getting married in a barn then you know barns don’t usually have the best lighting, but with enough light strands and lighted florals throughout, you will successfully create a romantic atmosphere that is sure to delight your guests.


Since these weddings are typically held in a barn, in the woods, or another outdoor space, traditional candles raise certain safety concerns. If you’re having children at your wedding, this is even more of a concern, but fret not. We have the perfect solution! For the safety of your guests and the environment, consider some of our beautiful flameless candles. Much like our lighted florals and branches, these candles will add a lovely romantic glow to your event and since they are flameless, you can dance the night away without worry!


In the photo above, the happy couple-to-be lined candles along the barn’s 2x4s to create a lovely ambiance. If you want to add some extra country chic flair to your candles, wrap them in some of our burlap and lace ribbon. And how perfect would these candles look hanging from a barn’s exposed wooden beams in some mason jars? It doesn’t get much more country chic than that!


d8cdfc17d5cac50683cd86a002e6c2a2Chandeliers are the perfect way to bring a touch of elegance to a rustic country wedding. Hang them from the extending tree limbs, wooden beams in a barn, or from a wire directly above the head table. Chandeliers are the best way to make your country wedding instantly glamorous.

At Iron Accents, we have a wide variety of chandeliers to choose from. If you’re wanting to add a grand touch of elegance at your rustic country wedding, consider our Black Chandelier with Clear Gems & Mini Shades. The dripping gems twinkle when lighted, further adding to the glowing ambiance.

If electricity outlets are limited, then our hanging candle holders, or “candleliers“, as we like to call them, are the perfect solution. These moveable fixtures evoke life prior to electricity and can be hung wherever you need a soft glow. Our hanging candle holders help you to create that special sparkle for the wedding of your dreams! Consider our Aged Metal Chandelier, created of beautiful scrolling wrought iron with an aged metal finish. If you’re wanting to stick to the rustic outdoor feel, then our Rusty Chandelier or Rusty Grand Chandelier is the perfect fit. With these striking candle chandeliers, you can add the allure of rustic elegance anywhere. The artfully detailed metal design provides dramatic lighting for your special day.

Burlap/Jute Accents

Burlap or jute accents are an excellent choice, especially for those brides on a budget. Burlap is unlike other fabrics traditionally used in wedding decor and the coarse, flawed texture is reminiscent of the natural elements found throughout your rustic country wedding setting. This charming fabric is ideal when used for table runners, burlap chair sashes, wrapping trees with some of our burlap ribbon, for wrapping your bouquet with our jute sheet with fringed edge or even for your wedding invitations.


Jute Table Runners at Iron Accents, $9.50

When used correctly, this material can really tie your event together. Consider using our Jute Table Runners on the main table and guest tables. Chair sashes made of burlap is a wonderful compliment to your rustic wedding decor. See all the burlap sheets, table runners and ribbons in this collection.

soft-lace-ribbon-5-inch-1Combine your burlap fabric with some dainty lace for a beautiful mixture of casual and sophisticated. We have some beautiful Soft Lace Burlap Ribbon that can easily be combined with burlap. How perfect is that? The delicate lace with the rough burlap — much like the union of bride and groom on the special day.

Do you have your own DIY project for your rustic country chic wedding and need some beautiful, quality burlap ribbon? Check out our various sizes and colors of our burlap ribbon at Iron Accents.

Be sure to keep checking back for our Employee Picks for a beautiful country chic wedding and check out our Pinterest board while you’re at it. If you need any extra help decorating your North Georgia rustic country chic wedding, be sure to contact the Iron Accents team. We have a wide variety of rustic wedding decor rentals for your special day and our expert designers will put it all together, ensuring you have the most stress-free wedding day of your dreams.

Tell us: What other country chic/rustic barn wedding ideas have you seen?

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