May’s Wedding Theme of the Month: 1920s Art Deco Weddings

1920s brideIt was a decade marked by lavish parties, unique fashion trends, expressionism and the beginnings of the Art Deco movement. It’s a time fondly remembered as the Golden Era, and a ten year span of some of the greatest décor, design and stylings in history – and that’s exactly why Iron Accents has decided to honor the “Roaring 1920s” as our Wedding Inspiration Theme of the Month!

From the highly anticipated new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, which hits theaters next month, to popular period televisions series like Boardwalk Empire and Downtown Abbey, it seems the 1920s are everywhere you look! It’s no surprise modern brides are using this time period as their wedding inspiration.

Here at Iron Accents we’re perfectly okay with that – because we love the 1920s too! After all, you could say we know a thing or two about vintage trends. If you’re planning a Jazz Age affair, consider a few of the following ideas to add a touch of 1920s glamour to your big day.

Gilded everything! Nothing says vintage luxury like gold. While we certainly recommend touches of real metals in your wedding décor (we’re a little partial to iron), using too much metal can make your reception look more like a medieval castle than an opulent early 20th century affair. Stick to accents of metal, like these elegant vintage style trays. Then, spray-paint objects such as apples, small pumpkins, and wooden lettering with gold for an affordable alternative to metal in your centerpiece arrangements. Add gold leaf to basic glass candle holders for a classy touch.

Use lighting as décor – especially ornate lamps. A few miniature lamps, accompanied by dozens of small tea lights, can cast a soft glow that’s perfect dinner time. Place one of these Mini Antique Champagne Accent Lamps at your guestbook table or atop the bar to create a trendy speakeasy-esque ambiance.1920s trunks

Lastly, be genuine! Choose décor that will truly make guests feel as though they’ve landed in Gatsby’s mansion. Luckily, you don’t need a time machine to turn your chosen venue into a 1920s style soiree, but you do need an eye for antiques. Old typewriters, blown glass vases and lace table cloths are prizes you can easily stumble upon if you know where to look – and you have a forgiving budget. Of course, the next best thing (and more economical option) to real vintage pieces is expert replicas – like our galvanized steel Amelia Trunks.

Need more ideas? Be sure to check out our 1920s Wedding Pinterest board – and give us a follow! We’ll be spending the whole month honoring this popular theme. And, if you’re a bride-to-be, consider our wedding registry and furnish your nest with all of the vintage (and modern) pieces you want!

But first – tell us! What interesting 1920s wedding trends and ideas have you seen?

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