Miniature Container Gardening

Hot Items for Spring 2013: Miniature Container Gardening

Miniature Container GardeningIf you’re anything like us, you’ve already had your fill of winter and now you are chomping at the bits to celebrate some warm weather. Last week’s news brought us some joy as Punxsutawney Phil (the famed groundhog) did not see his shadow and in turn, predicted an early spring for 2013. As we anxiously anticipate the much welcomed start of spring, we are thrilled to start planning this year’s garden!

So, since we do have a few more days in coats and gloves, Iron Accents wanted to bring you some joy in the form of these hot items: Miniature Container Gardening. Now’s the time to start planning your beautiful garden and these miniature container gardening items are undoubtedly the hottest gardening accessory of 2013!


Miniature Container Gardening2While small in size, the elements of container gardening are enormous in scope. Lucky for you, we have them all: Houses, accessories, teeny animals, little rakes and hoes, garden gates and fences, itty bitty lawn chairs. If you haven’t experienced miniature container gardening before start by scrolling through the ideas pictured in our Container Gardening Overview. You’ll find elegant chateaus, small farms, multi-level outdoor entertaining spaces and so much more. All from a frog’s eye point of view.

Let your imagination go wild and almost anything can become a container garden with your creativity and one or two of our kits and accessories. Suitcases, bike baskets, mailboxes, buckets, wagons and more can all serve as a unique container for a beautiful miniature garden. No matter what you choose, these miniature gardens are sure to be a conversation starter. Spoiler alert! Your children need to lock up their playthings as they are likely to become part of the miniature tableau. Once you get started, you may never look at life in grown up fashion again!

Miniature Container Gardening3Combine meticulously manicured plants, moss and grasses with the customized contents of the stylish and enchanting abode of Tinker Bell and you’ll come close to the experience of Miniature Container Gardening. It’s a wee world filled with specialty structures and accessories; where fairies preside and teeny animals beguile from under miniscule hedges. It’s a grown up turn at the dollhouse – set decoration on a very small scale.

Almost anything can become a Miniature Container Garden – planters with patina, old wire baskets, discarded soda crates, rusty tractor seats, goldfish bowls – and should you be stymied by where to begin, may we suggest a slow scroll through our Unique Idea section of the website. You’ll be besotted in an instant by the fanciful, albeit tiny, assortment of bistro tables and chairs, trellises and gazebos, tools, garden gates, houses and complete kit and caboodle start up kits.

Take your green thumb to a completely different place while mining your long subdued child like creativity! Think big. Go little. Need a little help getting started? Check out this great HGTV article on How to Create a Fairy Garden in a Container.

What do you think about these miniature gardens? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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