New Year, New Home: 3 Ideas for Freshening Up Your Space

As you pack up the garland and mistletoe for their off-season storage-space slumber, it’s not unusual for your home to feel a little, well, empty. The twinkle lights, cherished ornaments and other warm holiday decor can make your home feel cozy and complete, but can also leave your living space feeling a little bare after the yuletide celebrations come to an end. This year, consider a home makeover as part of your annual resolutions. Here are three affordable and easy ways to give your abode a little post-holiday pick-me-up:

Add a splash of color. Nothing transforms a room quicker and more dramatically than a paint color change-up. Open up a small space with a light airy blue, soft beige or pale gray. Make a large room cozier with a warm taupe or chocolate brown. If you’re not up for a whole day of painting, give your space a pop of color with just one funky accent wall.

Brighten the mood. If your home is starting to feel a little dated, and you’re not ready for a full remodel, consider changing out the lighting fixtures for something a little more stylish. From vintage teardrop chandeliers to modern metal pendant lamps, you can easily alter the entire feel of a room with a new lighting fixture – and Iron Accents has plenty of unique options to choose from.

Get creative. Every room needs at least one good conversation piece – just a little something to leave your guests impressed with your out-of-the-box taste. Add flavor to a drab home office with interesting shelving, like our Round Cubby Shelf. Give your bedroom zest with a decorative iron medallion in place of a headboard. Whatever you choose, let your personality point you toward something fresh and new.

Of course, sometimes breathing new life into your living space is easier said than done. If you’re struggling to find just the right something, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our shopping consultants. We’ll be happy to help you locate the best pieces for your taste and budget.

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