Treat Your Windows to a Makeover

Windows are often overlooked as a decorative canvas in our homes. Considering they are such an important part of every room, the Iron Accents team feels it’s important that everyone gives their windows a little TLC and with the right additions, your windows can really make a decorative statement. If your windows need a little something extra to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, you’re in luck. Keep reading to discover several creative and surprisingly easy ways to update the overall look and feel of your windows.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color and Texture

Standard-white blinds or curtains are always a safe bet but spice up your windows by adding color and texture. While blinds come in virtually any color, texture is at the forefront of window fashion. Wide faux-wood blinds can be used in a modern or rustic room. Grass, bamboo and other organic materials are hugely popular window treatments. They add an earthy feel. These natural materials are not just being used in blinds, shades and drapes anymore either. They are now popular materials for finials, pulls and rods.

According to HGTV, “exposed wood grain in blinds and natural woven shades are joining the ranks of bamboo as popular choices.”

For a more dramatic statement, use patterned curtains or drapes. We have a wide variety of gorgeous drapery hardware to add the perfect finishing touch to any room. If you have a neutral living or dining room, adding a pop of bright color or modern design to your windows can create an accentual exclamation point to the room. For a neutral bedroom, include dark drapery with some of our elegant Amore Drapery Hardware or our Artisica Drapery Hardware.

Set Your Drapes Aflame

Well, not literally; but candle or light sconces can add a fiery frame to your windows. If you have floor-length dark-colored drapes, a pewter or cast-iron candle sconce on each side can create a cozy, romantic atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.

Candles can also look great in the window sill or on a shelf above the window. Add other decorations like books, vases or flowers, too. If you’re worried about a fire hazard with real candles, try the flameless variety; they look just as good, are much safer and last quite a bit longer.

Reduce, Reuse, “Upcycle”

According to the DIY Network, honeycomb blinds are not only a rising design trend, but an energy-saving green option. They are designed to trap pockets of air that add extra insulation to your room. This will reduce cost and energy. They are also fairly affordable and not hard to install.

If your budget does not allow for all-new window treatments, there are several ways you can “upcycle” what you already have with minimal cost. If you have some old solid-color curtains, you can reuse these by bordering them with ribbons or panels of striped or designed fabric. If you are artistic, fabric paint is also a great way to give your curtains a signature look. If you don’t trust your hand, craft stores sell stencils that can make great patterns.

Tiebacks are a great way to make a room look more formal or to showcase a view. Tiebacks don’t have to be boring either. With a simple curtain, you can use silky fabrics, braids, beads or wide ribbons to refashion the look of your windows. Mounts can be styled to fit your taste as well, from minimalist rosettes to elegant curved brackets.

Let Them Shine

Once you decide what window style best suits your room’s personality, you can play with colors, textures, treatment styles and decor. Depending on how your room is set up, you might want to rearrange your furniture too. Don’t hide your new stylish windows behind the couch after you worked so hard on them. It’s ok to make your window a focal point by placing furniture on either side or adding a small bench or table underneath to frame it.

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