Our Staff’s Favorite Fall Wedding Picks

There’s been so much chatter about weddings these past few days at Iron Accents, you’d think one of us was getting married this week! Of course, as we’ve realized, you don’t need to be involved in the planning of a specific wedding to justify spending a little time day dreaming. Autumn is such a romantic season, and with so many great wedding ideas floating about, it’s hard not to get pulled in to all of the wedding décor hullabaloo. We didn’t want all of our grand planning ideas to go to waste, so we’ve decided to share our staff’s favorite wedding-inspired picks with all of you! Check out some of these unique pieces:

Kelly’s Pick: Castilian Hammered 3-Hurricane Candelabra

I love this candelabra! The rich brown color of the iron and the simple shape is just perfect for a fall wedding. In order to give this piece extra character, you could wrap garland around the bottom of the base to complement your wedding’s colors and theme. Select your favorite color or scent of candle, or fill the holders with leaves, apples, beads or any other item you’d like to incorporate into your wedding décor. This Castilian Hammered candelabra is such a versatile piece, it would make beautiful centerpieces for any wedding table.

Christie: Glass Bell Jar and Terra Cotta Saucer

Our glass bell jars and terra cotta saucers would be beautiful center pieces for reception tables in fall – or any other time of the year. Fill them with different sized pumpkins and colorful leaves for an autumn wedding, or perhaps arrange a few brightly hued mums. Because the bell jars and saucers come in different sizes, it’s easy to mix and match to create interesting arrangements and variety atop each table.

Teresa: Flame Replicating Candles

I really love our flame replicating candles. These could be used for centerpieces or complementing décor at the ceremony as well as the reception. Additionally, these candles make a perfect décor solution for outdoor weddings. Because the flames cannot be blown out, they will not be affected by outdoor breezes. The soft, earthy colors we have available are excellent for fall weddings.

Terri: Slat Message Boards

Spell out the word “LOVE” using these magnetic Scrabble letters and our slatted message board as a fun way to display the bride and groom’s favorite courting pictures for your guests’ viewing pleasure.  Since burlap is all the rage for vintage and rustic-chic weddings, we’re sure this design would fit well among other décor. Additionally, the simple colors will complement almost any wedding theme, and can later be used at home.

Valerie: Ceramic Letter Dishes

You would not believe the number of brides that order our ceramic letter dishes! Of course, it’s easy to see why. These customizable pieces are perfect for both weddings and showers.  Use the bride and groom’s initials with the “&” in between on the reception or candy table, or spell out L-O-V-E as a sweetheart table centerpiece.  I especially love the hearts, which can be placed on each guest’s plate and filled with nuts or candies for a wedding favor.

Tara: French Quarter Lanterns

One of my favorite items for weddings is our French Quarter lanterns. Not only are these a great piece to complement your home decor, but they also add a simple, romantic touch to weddings – regardless of the theme. Add a few flowers and candles around these lanterns, and they can quickly become table centerpieces. The ringed handles for carrying or hanging on hooks make these lanterns great for indoor or outdoor lighting as well.

Hannah: Submersible Light Strings & Battery Operated  Light Branches

Beautiful décor is a key part of creating wedding memories that will last forever. Chief among this décor are your flower arrangements. Our lighted branches will bring your arrangements to life by adding that soft, romantic glow you are seeking for your ceremony, reception and bridal shower. Limited only by your imagination, our lighted branches can embellish a doorway, a candelabra, and even the shoulders of a chair.

Now – please share with us! Which one of these items do you like best? What are some of your favorite wedding decor ideas?


In other news, our store designer — the talented Terri Winans — is lending her services to a wedding next week using some of the items from our store. Be sure to stay tuned for a follow up post from Terri with all of the exciting photos and details!

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