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Kicking Off Our Fall Wedding Week

A few weeks ago, I heard someone on a TV morning show proclaim that “Fall weddings are the new summer weddings!” I can’t remember exactly who made this declaration, so I’m not sure if it’s based on any real research, but I decided to take it with a grain of truth.

I don’t know if it was just because I finally started to notice, or if it really is a “new” trend, but it seemed like after I heard that morning show comment, autumn weddings were everywhere I looked! I even had a few brides stop by our showroom on their way to check out wedding venues in the mountains.

Of course, an autumn wedding just makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to wed among a backdrop of brightly colored leaves and cozy harvest hues? Not to mention, the cooler temperatures make for a much more comfortable outdoor ceremony or daytime reception.

So, thanks to all of the wedding chatter, we started getting in the wedding mood around Iron Accents. Naturally, we’ve been tossing around all sorts of new ideas – like how our lighted florals would make the perfect touch for an outdoor reception, and how our votive candle holders could make for inspiring centerpieces. That gave us another great idea. Why not host our very own Fall Wedding Week?

All week long, we’re celebrating fall weddings with a fresh, new Houzz idea book, a Pinterest board and we’ll be sharing a blog post later this week with plenty more fall wedding tips and décor ideas.

Of course, we’d love for you all to join in on the fun! If you love weddings as much as we do, please share your autumn wedding décor ideas by leaving comments here, on our Facebook page or by connecting with us on Houzz and Pinterest. Whether you’re planning your own upcoming nuptials, assisting a friend or simply love all things wedding, we’d love to see your ideas!

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