How to Create the Perfect Table Setting

It’s funny how something as seemingly simple as setting a table can send homeowners into a full blown meltdown. Unless you’re Martha Stewart herself, hosting a dinner gathering at your home is almost always accompanied by unexpected stressors, snags and setbacks. You want your home to look lived in and comfortable – a true extension and reflection of you inner personality. However, on the other hand, you want your space to look polished and well put together. Attempting to marry the two into a sophisticated and functional dining space can leave you flustered and frustrated. Luckily for you, Iron Accents has plenty of tips and tricks to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

Choose a Mood
The style of your table décor depends largely on the type of event you’re hosting. Are you gathering a few friends together for a casual dinner over wine, or hosting a full-on holiday bash with co-workers, neighbors and distant relatives? If it’s the former, keep the setting extremely simple and consider choosing something rustic and relaxed – such as a burlap runner and a few iron candlestick holders. If it’s the latter, prepare to garnish with gusto by adding linen table cloths and napkins, seasonal plant centerpieces and, if your party includes more than fifteen people, place cards.

Choose a Color
The color scheme you choose as the backdrop to your dining experience will depend on a few primary factors, and chief among these is the season. For spring, stick to light pastels and lively greens, but for summer, include lots of bright whites and friendly yellows in the form of sunflowers or bowls full of lemons. Autumn means earth tones complemented by deep reds and oranges while winter calls for holiday-esque red and green or blue and silver.

Create a Centerpiece
A centerpiece is the focal point of the table. As such, it needs to be well planned and well placed – but it doesn’t, by any means, need to be traditional or complex. A small succulent garden can make a lovely and unexpected centerpiece for spring while a few lighted branches and frosted pinecones in a tall vase can make for an elegant winter design. Sometimes all you need for a great centerpiece is a bowl full of river rocks, water and a floating tea light.

Arrange Carefully
Like in any area of interior décor, the trick of a great looking design is balance and unity. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean symmetry. In fact, too much symmetry can make your table look too structured and unnatural. Instead, let it flow naturally. For example, if you’re setting several smaller tables rather than one large one, it’s okay to have different centerpieces for each table.

Before your guests arrive, light a few candles, play some upbeat tunes and pour yourself a glass of wine. You’ve worked hard to create the perfect party for your friends and family, so take a deep breath and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Now it’s your turn! What other tips and ideas do you have for setting a table?

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