Party in the Park, Party in the Pines, Party with No Frills or Spills!

They say that necessity is the Mother of Invention and with this idea, Mom is hitting on all cylinders. Introducing the Redneck Wine Glass, a hefty twelve ounce Ball mason jar on a stem with – we are not kidding – a screw tight lid! Perhaps you don’t see the significance of this? You can actually pour yourself a glass of wine and put it in your handbag or coat pocket!

Perfect for entertaining guests on your boat, recreational vehicle, pop up tent or deer stand, the Redneck Wine Glass boldly goes where crystal cracks and plastic is so passé. This delightfully straightforward capped cup keeps bugs out and your beverage in, even while flipping burgers, tossing horse shoes or motoring the golf cart to the next tee. Made for anyone with a sense of humor, Blue Collar Tour connoisseurs and serial spillers. No two are alike so, to the horror of your pretentious neighbors, you will not have a matched set. But that’s kind of the point.

These glasses have been rolling out the Iron Accents door like Wild West tumbleweeds. Buy four, save more – real money you can put toward vino bottled with a cork or any of the other new products from this line of unique Redneck Drink Glasses! We are excited to introduce the Redneck ‘Rita Glass for those caliente nights, the Redneck ‘Tini Glass which makes it much easier to mix and shake, the Redneck Champagne Flutes to drink your celebratory bubbly, the Redneck Sipper if you’re taking it slow and the Redneck Guzzler when you’re getting ready to throw down!

We’re not certain who invented this brilliant beverage holder, but we wouldn’t be surprised to find they’re from a branch on our family tree.

See the whole line here.

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