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Express Yourself with Iron Accents’ Box Signs

When we started offering our famous box signs among our inventory, we noticed something: people are obsessed with words.

People use words to paint descriptions of their fondest memories, most trying moments and greatest achievements. Sometimes we use words to tell imagined stories, and sometimes we borrow the words of others to describe how we feel – such as through song lyrics, poems and famous quotes. We surround ourselves with words because they make us feel comfortable and they display our most intimate emotions. Words have the power to invoke deep contemplation and they have the power to make people laugh. The box signs at Iron Accents do all of these things, and we think that’s exactly why they’re such a hit.


Because we know how much you guys love box signs, we decided to beef up our collection. Last week, we added over 100 new signs. Some of these new signs will tug at your heart strings, some will strike your funny bone and some are just plain adorable. We have even more signs for pet lovers, wine enthusiasts and fitness-a-holics. Thanks to such a wide selection, you can find a sign to convey just about any message you can think of – and they make great gifts too. Additionally, we’ve divided our signs by category for easier browsing.

One thing you’ll be happy to know is that our signs come in a wide range of sizes and are an incredibly affordable way to add a touch of décor to any room. Hang just one, arrange them in a cluster, use as a bookend or stand upon a table. They look great in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, baby nurseries, above doorways and anywhere else in your home where you need to add a little flavor.

To celebrate our new signs, we’re also holding a Facebook FREE box sign giveaway! From now until August 12th, we’re asking you to select your favorite sign from our collection and post it to your Facebook Timeline (just don’t forget to tag Iron Accents.) On Monday August 13th, we’ll randomly select three lucky winners who will take home their chosen sign for free! So please, take a moment to check out our new box signs and let us know what you think!

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