Simple Tips for a Stylish Guest Bathroom

We’ve all experienced those moments at a friend’s dinner party or holiday gathering when you excuse yourself to the restroom and, upon opening the door, are greeted with a virtual wonderland of stunning decor. In some homes, the guest bathroom is so expertly designed and perfectly adorned that you’re tempted to snap a few photos as inspiration for your own decor adventures. From the color palette to the wall art, the soap dish to the tissue box – and even the ornate rug beneath your feet – it’s as if your host ripped a page from Better Homes and Gardens and magically brought it to life within their own four walls.

When we see beautifully designed rooms – whether it’s within an interior design magazine or your friend’s home – it’s easy to feel a tinge of envy. However, just as Rome was not built in a day, fabulous bathroom designs are never completed overnight (at least not without the assistance of a paid professional.) You must take time to learn the principles of design, practice and take time to become inspired. Keep reading for a few helpful tips for creating your own perfect powder room!

Firstly, keep it universal. A guest bathroom should not be decorated as personally as your master bedroom or other more private quarters throughout your home. The guest bathroom is just that – a place designed for your house guests. As such, it’s best to select hues and pieces that are non-gender-specific and will not alienate any of your guests. Opt for more neutral shades such as warm taupes, light grays and more traditional blacks and whites. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t also include a few pops of color. Stately reds, deep blues and other primaries are great for guest bathrooms as are deep greens, browns and other earth tones.

Next, be sure to add a special touch. Make your guests feel special by setting up a little something before your friends arrive. A small basket of heated hand towels, individual scented boutique soaps, a butler’s tray of sample sized mouth washes and disposable toothbrushes – there are many thoughtful additions you can include in a powder room to make your friends and family feel right at home.

Thirdly, consider accessories. Some homeowners are great with mixing contrasting pieces into one cohesive design while others prefer a more uniform look. One easy trick is to simply buy all accessories from the same line, such as the line from the GG collection we offer here at Iron Accents. Instead of scrambling to find a waste basket that matches your soap dispenser, simply purchase them as a package. This will eliminate a great deal of effort on your end, and your guests will be impressed by your attention to detail.

Lastly, always keep your guest bathroom well organized and free of clutter. Remove personal items such as old magazines, books, cosmetics and hair product. If you have only one bathroom in your home, store these items in a small cupboard away from your guests’ eyes. You may also want to invest in a standalone cabinet to store additional toilet paper, soap refills, cleaning supplies and other such objects. The cleaner and simpler your bathroom appears, the more comfortable your guests will feel.

Happy decorating!

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