Light the Way with Our Vintage Marquee Lighted Signs

Several decades ago, an average American “summer vacation” meant piling the family into the Chevrolet, and heading out on a road trip to see the USA. As we drove through big cities and small towns, the motor lodges, diners, movie theaters, drive-ins and roadside attractions beckoned all of us – not with giant inflatable gorillas, but with lights. Off the highway, tons of white and colored bulbs blinked, raced, pointed and flashed until we begged Dad to pull off the highway so we could partake in whatever exciting activities advertised within.

With a legacy steeped in carnival midways, county fairs and traveling circus companies, those bright lights drew us in like moths to a flame. You can still feel the anticipation as you watched the glow rise up from a ribbon of blacktop ahead. 

If you’re eager to replicate those memories within your own home, you’ll be happy to see our collection of Vintage Marquee Lighted Letters, Numbers and Signs. These pieces are crafted of rusted metal which duplicates the authentic and aged quality of the originals while offering a UL listed lighting strand that supports the safety concerns of today. Ranging in size from two to three feet high, don’t expect any wimpy impostors.

You can mount Eat at Joe’s (or Barbara’s or Gustav’s) in your kitchen, arrow point the way to the bar and game room, declare your allegiance to Texas, expose your inner hippie or post your child’s home run average on the porch throughout the season. Link up to four signs on one plug. Indoors or out, these recycled metal wall signs are more fun than a Slinky and as nostalgic as a 1958 Shelby Mustang.

Pay homage to those family vacation memories on the road, and the best summers of your life, with these Iron Accents Vintage Marquee Lighted Letters, Numbers and Signs. Stand them or hang them, but by all means, get them, and express yourself!

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