Yum! Here’s Our Favorite Summer Cook-Out Recipes

There’s something about sunny summer weather that makes barbecue just a little more savory and cold beverages just a little more refreshing. Maybe it’s because you get to share this special time with people that you love, or maybe it’s because a little Vitamin D is good for your mood.

We know summer doesn’t officially begin for two more weeks, ut now that the kids are out of school and the sun is shining high we can’t help but begin celebrating. Here at Iron Accents, we’re kicking things off by sharing a few of our most favorite summer cook-out recipes and a few of our products we feel complement them the best!

The Best Baked Beans Ever

We got this recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, and our mouths are watering. It’s amazing the amount of zest you can achieve from such simple ingredients! Be sure to try it out, and keep yur beans warm until serving time in our Casual Classics Oval Covered Baker.



Tangy Tzatziki Pasta Salad

This incredible, full flavored pasta salad won the Southern Living BBQ Side Dish Smackdown award for best pasta salad with its aromatic blend of Greek ingredients. We give it two thumbs up as well, and suggest serving this dish in our Inlaid Stone Round Serving Bowl.


No-Bake Nutella Ice Box Cake

Who doesn’t love the creamy, chocolate-hazelnut goodness of Nutella? This treat, brought to us by Apron Strings, is not only incredibly decadent, but because it’s frozen it’s absolutely perfect for a hot summer evening. It’s also very easy to make with only 7 ingredients and no baking required. This crowd pleaser would look great displayed upon our Covered Cake Pedestal.

Cucumber Mojito
It’s hard to imagine anything more refreshing than cucumbers and mint. How about adding a little fresh squeezed lime and club soda? This drink recipe from Muy Bueno Cook Book is hard to resist. Some guests may choose to add rum, and some may not. Make sure the tasty alcoholic and non-alcoholic concoctions don’t get mixed up by serving them in our Castilian High Ball Glasses.


Enjoy your summer barbecue, and don’t forget to add us on Pinterest! We’d love to hear all about your favorite Summer eats.

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