Get Inspired with Metal Wall Decor

Very often the space between our ears won’t recognize the creative possibilities available for the space on our walls. When it comes to home decor, we have a tendency to lean on the routine by adorning our spaces with large framed landscapes, heavy mirrors and traditional photo groupings. It’s hard to branch out unless you have great inspiration. Well, my friends, let us inspire you!

Our vast selection of metal wall decor, metal wall sculptures and plaques will re-train your brain to think of home decor in a much more innovative sense. For example, you can create the illusion of an iron bed by hanging dual iron wall plaques where a standard headboard would be. If you’d prefer a more high drama look, use one of our unique circular iron pieces as a ceiling medallion.

Wow guests in the game room with a metal silhouette depicting your own stick family or favorite sports icon. Add character to your workshop, crafting space or studio by posting a personalized monogrammed wall grille above the door. Browse our inventory of special wall applications and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for anyone in your social circle.

The beauty of our metal wall decor is the variety of pieces designed to fit various styles. Large, long, round, oval, square, rectangular; in cast or forged iron, cast aluminum, pressed and re-claimed tin or copper – our pieces are versatile enough to complement almost any existing home decor. Some pieces offer customizable finishes, and some are sculptural or three dimensional. However, one thing all of our pieces have in common is that they are all transformational works of art that can bring your interior or exterior living space to life.

Frame a view, showcase an interesting space or liven up an inelegant fence. Our metal decor options help you to move past the mundane. It’s your space, so take a peek at the Iron Accents store and become inspired!

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