Celebrating North Georgia’s Wineries

When people think of fine wines, they immediately conjure up images of the patchwork vineyards of Napa Valley, the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy or the Mediterranean region of Provence, France.  Few people are aware of the deliciously decadent wines born of Georgia-grown grapes. Indeed, North Georgia is one of the greatest wine regions in the United States, and still remains one of the South’s best kept secrets. This week at Iron Accents, we’re celebrating the wineries of North Georgia with our very own Wine Week.

We understand that wine is more than just a drink – it’s an experience. For centuries, people have been pairing wines with various scrumptious meals, enjoying all types from rich full-bodied reds to sweetly delicate whites and every flavor in between.

Wonderful wines deserve wonderful accessories – such as our Vin Rose Wine Corks, which will give your table top an elegant touch. However, for a more whimsical feel, you may want to check out our adorable Wine B Gone Bottle Holder.

To prep a fine Chardonnay on a hot summer’s eve, you’ll love our Inlaid Stone Cooler and Ice Bucket. Its rustic stone chips and modern brushed copper accents will complement the interior or exterior decor of any home.

For a large party full of multiple wine enthusiasts, our Old English Style Scalloped Wine Bucket may be just the touch you’re seeking to impress your guests. This special piece will transform your ordinary patio into an English garden ready for a royal visit.

If any of these special wine accessories strike your fancy, you’ll be pleased to know that starting today, you can enjoy 10% off wine accessories and beverageware using the code WINE06-12. Hurry, though, because this sale ends June 6th!

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