Beautiful Outdoor Weddings: Lighting Up the Occasion

It’s simply an oversight, for the most part. An outdoor wedding, whether understated or outrageous, counts on the venue to be the star player – be it the beach or the backyard – but what happens after the sun goes down? Some of the best moments of the event can get lost without strategically placed pools of twinkling light.

Put a healthy glow on the faces of guests with table centerpieces incorporating a few of our ever elegant lighted branches and florals. Each sprig is constructed of heavy duty bendable, shapeable wire and the light tips range from subdued to sensational. Small battery packs power the petals and slip right into a vase or vessel where cords just can’t go. They’re versatile beauties have no rival save that of the stars in the night sky and the bride’s engagement ring!

Candles, the more traditional approach to evening illumination, have clearly stepped into the future with Luminara. This delicately scented wax candle combines LED brilliance with electro- magnetic technology that perfectly replicates a flickering flame. What’s more, two re-chargeable D batteries stoke the fire- free Luminara candles to over 250 hours of safe and beautiful ambiance. And did we mention that they come with a remote control and 24 hour timer? RSVP to the video under Lighting on our website.

Bathe the entire garden in soft light with our collection of lanterns and torches. The delightful lantern designs supply high and low light in standing, hanging, tabletop and staked options with a broad variety of match-the-party-mood styles. Go for baroque…or bear…or burlap. Oil burning torches create efficient parking and perimeter guides as guests arrive and depart. Outdoor lamps blur the lines between inside and indelible memories in rooms not under roof.

Give the serving tables luminescence with light strings arranged under gossamer fabric. Create a magical path or entry way with lighted branches and strings tucked into an arbor or nearby concentration of trees.

Need a little help with wedding wattage? Call on the experts at Iron Accents.

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