Flame Replicating Candles – No Matches Required

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what is known as a game changer. Remember these words: Luminara Flame Replicating Candles. Why? Because Luminara is an elegant wax candle, infused with a delicate scent, created with a patented technology that combines high intensity LED with an electro-magnetic mechanism that produces a flame movement virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

No matches required for these safe, carefree and – hold onto your speed dial – indoor and outdoor, take-me-anywhere candles. With two rechargeable D batteries, Luminara provides over 250 hours of impossibly real fireless flame. Wait. We’re not done. It also boasts a 24 hour timer and a convenient on/off remote control. Crazy fabulous!

Line them up on your porch railings, fill that empty summer fireplace, centerpiece the party tables, surround the pool, highlight your seating arrangements at the sunset concert. One click and instant ambiance reigns. Plus, no harm / no foul if bumped by exuberant children, bandana wearing dogs or flamboyant guests. In fact, they keep on flickering through breezy evenings, rolling waves and light mist.

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