Recycled – Reclaimed – Repurposed

Forty two years ago today, a small group of forward thinking people organized a movement hoping to educate citizens about environmental dangers – water and air pollution, toxic waste and the loss of forests and natural habitats. Back then it wasn’t easy to convince people that one simple lifestyle change could help save the planet; over the years the symbolic call to “go green” became a common practice. On April 22nd, over a billion people around the world will repeat the pledge to preserve and protect the initiative that began as Earth Day in 1970.

We’ll renew our membership. Anyone who has ever been in the Iron Accents showroom knows that we have a special affinity for those things that have lived another life – items that have been recycled or reclaimed to serve yet another useful purpose. Our One Of A Kind website section features vintage finds having sought renewal and works by local artists using salvaged materials like ceiling tin and barn wood. These rescued treasures never met the landfill and resonate with a certain history as well as charm.

We also value our alliances with companies that manufacture goods that we sell using sustainable practices, recycled iron, aluminum and glass and the greenest form of energy, manpower. And we proudly point to those partners who have been consciously operating that way nearly as long as Earth Day has been in existence.

Join iron Accents in celebrating the monumental momentum of Earth Day by re-focusing your commitment to the cause wherever you live. Reduce your carbon foot print, support enterprises with ecological routines, plant a tree, turn off a light, use a rain barrel, leave a legacy.

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