Accessorizing Your Outdoor Space

Why, it’s like adding a string of pearls to a little black dress, y’all! The foundation of your outdoor rooms is already in place – comfortable deep seated furniture and expansive dining tables – so you’ve only the bling to bring. Those architectural elements, focal points and awe inspiring surprises that make guests wish they shared your address.

Fireflies can’t be expected to do all the work so amp up the night with outdoor lighting in the form of all weather lanterns, lamps, torches and sconces or a tall tale telling fire pit. Add a little commercial free music with a well placed wall mounted or standing fountain. And never again draw upon the expertise of local news persons by installing your own weather vane, temperature gauge and clock No visit should begin with the words “you should have been here yesterday…

Make the trip to the backyard an event by introducing an arbor or fanciful garden gate. These iron “doors” signal that a special experience lingers just beyond view, and, when paired with a gazebo or pavilion dressed for dinner, maximizes the wow factor of any function. Scatter a few floral filled planters and trellises along the path, hang wind chimes in nearby trees and you’ll have a magazine worthy party layout!

We all have them…that large blank wall adjacent to a patio or deck. Think of it as a giant canvas waiting to be adorned with something creative and visually stimulating. In short, a perfect place for metal wall art. Styles and sizes are endless, pieces can stand alone or be grouped for greater impact and material selections can be made based upon the desired level of maintenance and weight. Some plaques and grills are available with a personalized family monogram or whimsically salute the household sport of choice with a themed silhouette.

Your winged friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing the essentials of their existence and will reward you with aerial entertainment and chemical free pest control. Carefully placed bird baths, homes and feeders will draw colorful avian twitter, chatter and song styling while a splash pool bird bath offers a tranquil stop for dragonflies and frogs as well as feathered creatures.

Try on all the jewels and baubles of a couture outdoors under Garden Accents right now!

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