Get Outside!

The calendar may say April but the tranquil dogwoods and brilliant azaleas are clearly signaling the start of the sublime open air season. There’s no better time than the present to peel back the pool cover, polish up the grill and take stock of the seating, dining and entertaining options necessary to fully enjoy your back porch, deck and yard.

In truth, outfitting outdoor spaces employs the same logic used in decorating indoor rooms. Personal style and your home’s architecture largely dictate the look of outdoor furnishings, but space considerations and wish fulfillment can also play a role. Start by assessing your current outdoor pieces for wear and tear as well as usefulness. Did you long for expanded dining or conversation areas last summer? Will the lakefront chaises last another rainy period?

Prioritize your needs and purpose. That modular couch artfully photographed overlooking the Mediterranean is truly scrumptious but your deck may only measure ten by twelve. Perhaps an iron or aluminum patio furniture set with durable cushions and side tables would better serve the space, particularly if children and pets romp this area often. Similarly, tables and chairs used for dining should find a dedicated flat surface close enough to the grill or kitchen to facilitate serving.

Understand, and admit to, your tolerance for maintenance. Unless your idea of trendy is molded plastic, the pieces in your outdoor rooms will involve some level of care to prolong their appearance. Look for collections that feature finish and paint technologies pioneered by the automotive industry. Or tabletops so satin smooth they can be cleaned with a damp sponge. KNF Designs fashion forward lines of Iron and Aluminum patio furniture with revolutionary Mosaic tile tops fill the bill for comfort and fuss free use.

Don’t overlook the outer perimeter. Gardens, wooded walkways and gazebos qualify as guest destinations, and should be seen and felt from within. Settee’s, benches, swings and bistro sets put visitors eye to eye with your floral handiwork and the avian inhabitants of these special points of restful interest.

Think of your outdoor furniture as an investment. In many areas of the country the “season” can be six months long…filled with impromptu gatherings, family reunions, birthday parties and quiet Sunday afternoons reading the newspaper. Throw in a hammock or daybed and you may never have to go inside. Live with things you love. They enhance your life.

Fine, handcrafted patio furniture in contemporary and traditional styles abound on our website. Whether you need an individual accent piece or a complete outdoor room now is the time to make your selection. In most instances, our manufacturers will customize the table finishes and tops to your color and style specifications. Because your order will be one of a kind, delivery may take from six to eight weeks. Your patience will be rewarded with the quality you’ve come to expect from us.

Click to pick your outdoor chic under Patio Furniture. Get outside!

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