Mosaic Patio Furniture

The elements of mosaic patio furniture – hand cut stained glass tiles and tumbled marble, set atop iron and aluminum bases – are inspired by patterns in nature and convey the originality of a fine painting or photograph.  No two pieces are alike. And ours are from the very best in the business – KNF GardenDesigns. Neille Olson’s artistry with mosaic furniture and accessories has endured, world-wide, for 20 years because of its heirloom quality, enduring craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

Mosaic patio furniture’s vibrant colors and designs are suitable for use indoors and out, and are often called upon to add a pop of personality to a seating area or less than stellar garden view. Sizes, shapes and styles vary widely – square, round, rectangular and oval – to fit just where desired. Best of all, your imagination is where KNF Garden begins. It’s your style, your finish, your creation. KNF Garden customizes the piece to your specifications – something you can deeply appreciate and won’t find anywhere else.

The smooth finish of the mosaic table tops and sides defy logic – so many luminous tiles precisely cut and perfectly placed without a single bump or raw edge! KNF Garden Designs are ideal for dining and entertaining, and require little more than a damp sponge and glass cleaner to maintain.

Wrought iron table bases and chairs are forged by hand using the same artistry, techniques and tools that blacksmiths perfected centuries ago. Aluminum pieces are crafted from a sand cast mold, not a machine, thus giving each chair or table base its own individual character. Both wrought iron and aluminum designs are treated to a multi-step process of finishing that adds beauty and provides lasting protection.

Passionately designed and artisan made. See the complete line at –

Please note that it is recommended that mosaic patio furniture be stored inside during periods of extreme cold or frost… as the natural blend used in forming mosaic table tops can be susceptible to hairline cracks. Mosaic table tops may be sealed to prevent staining and lightly sanded to remove small scuffs. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

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