Sprucing Up Your Wall In Style

Adding character and style to plain walls can be achieved with little effort. Décor in the form of paintings, photographs, canvas art and fiber are generally the norm, but metal and cast iron wall décor have enjoyed a recent rise in popularity. Metal wall plaques, motifs and sculptures are now found in world class homes and buildings.

Metal wall decor styles, colors and sizes vary widely and are relatively easy to find in retail stores. Most pieces represent a theme – Tuscan or Old World, for example – and the unique shapes and strands of metal provide an artful movement that can liven up a wall or room. Shapes and figures are also prominent in metal wall plaques. Depictions of nature in the form of trees, leaves, mountains and stars – or creatures, such as birds and insects, allow a person’s character, humor and style to play a part in the placement.

Large metal wall decor, such as arches, can exude a bold statement that will give guests something to talk about. Wall arches may be very simple or exuberantly ornate, require a vast expanse of wall and are most expressive when hung without other decorative accessories close by.Cast iron wall decor is another option to consider. A much heavier and confident look, cast iron is not generally combined with other metals, but the pieces do require careful and supportive positioning.

Before choosing a metal wall art piece give some thought to the space it will require, the style and setting of the room and the fasteners needed to keep the selection in place. Metal wall art is purposely fashioned to create its own dynamic as a room’s focal point and should not be over-shadowed. Simple and spectacular all at once.

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