Personalized Monogram Wall Plaques

There are certain civilities among folks in the South – iced tea must be cotton candy sweet, “bless your heart” covers just about any problem and we monogram everything but our foreheads. No longer relegated to stationery and signet rings, the honor of family history can now be displayed prominently in your home.

Iron Accents personalized wall plaques, crafted of iron or wood, serve up heirloom ancestry in horizontal, shield style and three section grill formats…each with a simple, single letter monogram in the center. Exhibiting much the same heraldic character as a family crest – without the tartan and swords – these beautiful, stylistic monogram wall plaques provide instant genealogy for the foyer, family room or front door surround.

Step away from the ordinary potted plant and toaster. Personalized monogram wall plaques make dramatic, pride- of- place housewarming gifts and strikingly symbolic mementos celebrating the union of newlyweds. Put an individual stamp on your palace…See our complete selection of personalized monogram wall plaques under wall décor.

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