Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

When your plans call for new patio furniture you’ll find a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from. Patio furniture may be constructed of plastic, steel, aluminum, resin, wicker, cast iron or wrought iron. And along with the variety of materials available there is also a wide range in pricing and quality, so it’s good to know before-hand what you’re looking for.

Wrought iron patio furniture possesses a classic, elegant look that mixes with most home décor making it an excellent choice for your backyard or patio. Unsure just what “wrought iron” means? The word “wrought” is derived from an archaic form of the verb “to work,” so “wrought iron” literally means “worked iron”. It refers to the hammering, heating and molding of iron into a certain shape by a skilled craftsman. Because wrought iron is molded by hand, each original work – whether it is a wrought iron patio chair, a wrought iron patio table, or a wrought iron swing – will exhibit characteristics as unique as the person purchasing it!

There are many pros to buying this kind of material, which are listed below.

Weather resistance – pieces of wrought iron patio furniture may be left outdoors uncovered, yet stay true to its beauty through tough conditions.

Durable and long lasting – wrought iron is very heavy and solid, will not damage easily and won’t fall apart due to usage.

Comfort – tightly woven chairs are molded to work with or without a cushion, and tables are designed to cradle your coffee cup or a complete dinner setting for six.

Unique – when it comes to good looks that won’t duplicate that of your neighbors and friends, your best bet is wrought iron patio furniture.

Heft or weight – it’s always nice to come outside after a windstorm and find your patio furniture in the same spot it occupied the day before!

Like all patio furniture materials, wrought iron can range in price. The thicker and better built the wrought iron is, the more you are likely to pay. Popular styles of wrought iron patio chairs, wrought iron patio tables and wrought iron swings can be found at every price point, but beware of less durable material that is mass marketed.

Once you have found the perfect piece, your wrought iron patio furniture will benefit from some light, annual care to retain its good looks…wash occasionally with soap and water and cover the wrought iron pieces when not in use or during periods of inclement weather to inhibit rust. Should areas of rust appear on your patio furniture, a medium grade sandpaper gently applied should remove spots very easily and a coat of clear polyurethane spray will seal it from coming back. Enjoy!

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