Decorating Your Garden With Artistic Iron Accents

Your garden springs to life in the summertime with glorious flower blooming, butterflies skirting the new growth on  bushes and green vines climbing skyward on fencing. Though your garden is a sight to behold, there are many ways to add accents to enhance it’s beauty. Decorate with iron garden decor, a material with the strength and resilience to stand up to all types of weather, while providing an anchoring counterpoint to the delicate blossoms and gentle grasses growing there. The heft of iron garden décor puts an exclamation point where you need it most.

If you share your garden with the sights and sounds of nesting birds, bring them a bit closer with the addition of iron bird baths. A cool and refreshing pool of water offers a safe garden sanctuary for birds to bathe and fluff their feathers – enhancing your enjoyment as well as their habitat. Iron bird baths are crafted in natural colors to blend with their surroundings and add to the charm of your garden space.

Iron fountains add a true element of grace and elegance to a garden. A large iron fountain becomes the centerpiece or focal point with smaller iron fountains placed strategically along paths or entryways. Iron wall fountains mounted on structures surrounding the garden offer even more soothing water sound. Iron fountains can be pleasantly decorative with small sculptures of favorite animals, people or symbols that add personality to your creative effort. Bring your guests outside to enjoy the view with the addition of an iron fire pit. Made for evening temperature drops and chillier seasons, iron fire pits own the night all ablaze on a porch or deck – keeping your friends and family warm and cozy in the crisp night air.

Art and architecture meet when iron gazebos and iron arbors frame a garden space. Make a grand entrance with an iron arbor that signals the start of a woodland walk or set the tone for a breathtaking experience by locating an iron gazebo, complete with outdoor seating, near a small pond or adjacent to a naturalized flower field. Iron gazebos and iron arbors mark special occasions with ease…backyard garden wedding? You’re ready!

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