Decorating with Iron Brackets

Are the decorating doldrums draining your creativity? Try this wonderfully simple solution: iron brackets! No other decorating element will offer you as many attractive and easy options for enhancing your décor with that fresh and fashionable look you have been dreaming of — with the added bonus of a small time investment.

You’ll discover the numerous decorating and creative possibilities of these trendy and multifunctional work horses when you consider the options of incorporating them into everything from elegant shelving and kitchen countertop supports, to home décor accents for every room, and even those special craft projects.

Used alone, they will enhance and frame your windows and doorways with architectural appeal, or combine 4 for a unique 360 degree wall art design. Used with multiple varieties of shelving, they instantly provide a special place to store and display your cherished artwork and collectibles, create a focal point above bed or mantle, or enhance outdoor living spaces.

The versatility continues into your creative projects by embellishing and supporting antique porch posts, doors, windows, signs or chalkboards, and creates extra hanging features for baskets and plants by using overhead.

At Iron Accents we offer the largest selection, and size range, of cast iron brackets, wrought iron bracketsaluminum brackets, and countertop support brackets available! Let our design team introduce you to the unlimited decorating possibilities of these versatile and elegant mainstays!

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