Pillow Talk – A Perfect Way to Express Yourself!

Warm as a whisper, soft as a sigh, our “Talking Pillows” subtly impart inspirational and pithy thoughts wherever they are placed. Modeled after retro cotton flour sacks, the linen lounge- abouts offer up wisdom on the merit of good night kisses; let your Bunco or bridge best girls know that their friendship is invaluable; teach a child to be everything they might aspire to become. A little Lincoln for their thinkin’! Or, just remind yourself that marshmallows and happiness are synonymous! What? You didn’t know that?

Sure, they’re just pillows to the untrained eye, but given a forum from which to speak, they are gentle prompts and moving life references. Fluff one up on the family room couch, the guest bedroom or directly across from your home office chair. The understated stripes and “talking points” are printed with an ink dye absorbed into the fabric, and because they have been hand crafted, small differences in shape, size, surface and finish should be expected. Another informational gem of note? The pillows are machine washable so they’ll easily soldier through happy tears, paw prints and occasional use as a foundation for a make believe fort.

They are charming, versatile and encouraging. See the entire “Talking Pillow” line under Linens and Pillows on our website, and speak volumes without uttering a word.

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