Create a Niche for your Favorite Classics

If you are anything like us, the books you savor become home accessories upon completion because you just can’t part with a good read. We exchange them with like minded friends, they are superb conversation starters and just having them makes us look and feel intellectual. And we are. All too often, however, those tomes are spilling off side tables and haphazardly placed on shelves until we can find time to contain them. What we need, friends, are bookends! Witty, erudite, scene-stealing bookends!

With over 40 pairings, Iron Accents can wrangle your love of words and plethora of pages into fashionable, orderly, usable stacks. Worried about finding a style that suits? Perish the thought! We easily have the animal kingdom covered: frogs on couches, mice on motorcycles, cats in a Zen state, laughing rabbits and bucking broncos. For the more sedate, focus on the realistic replicas of the pine cone and Eiffel Tower. There are bookends that multi task by adding reading lamps and wine racks. We even have a pair called “Working Men.” Yes, really, but no word on whether they’ve ever asked for directions.

Glam up those go to cookbooks on the kitchen counter, design a reference library of National Geographics, make order out of chaos. These lively ornamental bookends just live to serve.

See all the choices on our website in the Bookends section under Decorative Accessories, or call our customer service wizards. They’ll even help e-readers.

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