We’re All About House Trimmings!

We are all about house trimmings – the great eye shadow and earrings we use to make a statement on our personal dwellings – and because we know you can’t live with cookie-cutter either, we’re taking the adornment outside!

Sure, you’ve chosen fabulous paint colors, light fixtures, windows and shutters. You even put crown molding where no one else thought it possible. But what about those somewhat suspect nooks and turns in the house design that leave you with exposed walls facing some of your favorite spaces?

Turn them into exterior easels with Metal Wall Art!

Constructed in a range of alloys and designs the Iron Accents catalogue of outdoor art forms transport Virginia to Vienna, Texas to Tuscany and Pomona to Paris. You really need to get here quickly – before your neighbor beats you to it! Pride of place in outdoor space? Would you like that Forged or Cast?

See the complete collection at http://www.ironaccents.com/walldecor.html

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