Lighted Floral Arrangements – Sizzle without the Smoke


An illuminating idea with a host of decorative and design possibilities, lighted branches and florals offer the ambient attraction that, once, only candles possessed.

Tiny star lights on graceful branches can be shaped to fit any vessel, add height and substance to existing arrangements, create a dramatic dinner table tableau or change a mantel from flat to fabulous in minutes.

If you think of decorative lighting as a lamp with a sail shaped shade, you need to branch out! There is even a submersible light string suited up to dive into your fountain or fish tank. We’ve illustrated their wondrous capabilities on the Iron Accents website under the heading “Arrangement Ideas.” Get inspired to get more out of everything you can’t wait to create!

Show us how you have “branched out!” Submit photos of your elegant engineering with lighted branches and florals – in a vase, throughout a room, highlighting a special event – wherever your imagination took you! Upload images to to be featured on our site or in a future Blog entry!


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