Easy Decorating with Wrought Iron Silhouettes

Remember the “Stick Family” bumper stickers? Champions of the ever-popular stick family bumper stickers can now do to their walls at home what they have been doing to their bumpers for years. And now Grandparents and everyone else can join the fun. We’ve added the “Stick Family Silhouettes” to our expanding Wrought Iron Silhouette Collection.

Our newest additions allow for versatility and personalization in your decorating schemes. Each figure is sold separately allowing you to create your own personalized display, and these guys are small enough that you can group two or more Stick Family members together on a wall. The man and woman are eleven inches tall. The boy and girl come to around seven and half inches tall. Using a variety of family members in different sizes adds visual interest to an artistic silhouette wall display.

Our Staff came up with a few ideas for decorating with these adorable little figures.

Create a story and start a conversation with your children. Display silhouettes of the Stick Girl with two Stick Cats or the Stick Boy and Girl with the Stick Mom. Engage children in a nursery, child’s room, daycare, or medical office.

Silhouettes create a precious pet’s area. Silhouettes of Stick Dogs and Stick Cats designate the pet’s area as belonging to the pet.

Accent family photographs. Wherever you display your photographs–in the recreation room, a hallway, or bedroom–Family Stick Silhouettes beautifully accent family portraits.

Simple black outlines coordinate easily with just about any home or office decor. Choose from Stick Family Silhouette members to suit your own design: Girl, Boy, Dog, Cat, Woman, Man. Creative decorating with silhouettes is so rewarding and easy to do.

Can you add to our list of ideas? What else can you do with the Stick Family Silhouettes?

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