Creativity Shines with Lighted Floral Branches

A computer generated image of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon at night; Brace 3D image from Matthew L. Bachman

It’s an ancient desire to capture star light and mix it with natural earth elements. The Babylonians created hanging gardens as much for enjoyment in the evening as in the day. Europeans gave us Christmas trees, and who doesn’t appreciate pretty lights flickering among the branches of a yuletide tree? Only the Grinch dislikes bright evergreens. Home designers have been using lights with florals for centuries and with increasing enthusiasm because of the vast array of illuminated floral products available.

Due to popularity, we’ve just added several new styles to our growing collection of Lighted Floral Branches, including Christmas and Hanukkah styles to give you a head start. Designers are using our entire line of lighted floral branches throughout the year at special events, in centerpieces, for interiors, and on decks and patios–even boats. We now offer thirty-two styles to spark your creativity.

We have discovered so many uses for lighted branches and florals. Use our crystal sprays as the jewelry to pair with lighted branches and florals. Or use our string lights to illuminate your silk and fresh flower arrangements. String lights, lighted branches, and illuminated florals are pliable and easy to use. They bend to shape with beautiful results.

Continue reading for some great ideas for decorating with Lighted Floral Branches from our Home Designer at Iron Accent. 

Bunch together several lighted floral branches in an architecturally interesting vase. Lighted Silver Dollar Willow Branch – Electric compliments a stone vase.

Lighted Yellow Forsythia Branch – Electric accents

Use Lighted Branches in combination with crystal sprays. Amber Crystal Sprays mix dramatically with Lighted Natural Pussy Willow Branch – Battery Operated.

Use battery operated lighted floral branches outdoors on your deck or patio. Lighted Floral Branch – Red – Battery Operated

Lighted Natural Willow Branch – Battery Operated, the lights come pre-attached to natural branches for an illuminated rustic tabletop centerpiece.

Mix lighted floral branches with silk flowers. Lighted Natural Pussy Willow Branch – Electric cast a soft glow in a cabin retreat.

Lighted White Wrapped Branch – Battery Operated

Invert lighted branches; or line a transparent vase with Submersible Light Strings.

Submersible Light Strings illuminate these transparent containers.

Submersible lights are water proof. Illuminate fresh flower stems in a vase.

Submersible Light Strings mix elegantly with fresh flowers. Add submersible lights to silk flower arrangements from top to bottom.

Use lighted floral branches for spectacular Holiday decorations.

Lighted Snow Covered Willow Branch – Battery Operated

Lighted Green Willow Branch – Electric and Lighted Red Will Branch – Electric

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