Feng Shui Your Bedroom

If you’ve been wanting to introduce the design style of feng shui to your bedroom it can be done easily with just a few elements.

Feng shui is the art of object placement around a room that has been practiced in China for over two-thousand years. It is also about balancing the feeling of your room so it feels that energy flows through it with careful attention to not only the placement of the objects but also the materials that every object is made from. Using the feng shui technique is also known as “curing” the ills of the room.

Iron is important element in feng shui as it brings healing to the room. An iron bed is a great way to bring restorative vibrations to your room and also have pairs of as many objects as you can. Pairs of book ends, pairs of pillows, a nightstand on each side of your bed and shelves are all items you can consider in pairs. Pairs are said to bring harmony to the room.

A pair of iron lamps will also bring a good cure to the room. Lighting is an important “cure” in feng shui. Bright lighting will cure bad moods and low lighting is used to bring warm feelings to the room or when harmony is needed between two people.

And those are just a few of the basics for adding the magic of feng shui to your bedroom. Add a little harmony to your bedroom for the New Year and add the positive element of Feng Shui to your bedroom and experience the harmony and balance it brings!

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